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, Texas
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, Texas
12,775 Miles
Last Modified October 27, 2023

Incredible and functional van! I finished it and took it one one trip from Dallas through New Mexico to flagstaff, sedona, and Phoenix and back – it was pure magic!

Selling now because employment circumstance have changed and I need to be in Dallas on a daily basis.

I want to find her a loving home, her name is Maleficent, and she is just amazing!

– Super sturdy construction and really well insulated – full 1/2 inch plywood walls with 3M Thinsulate behind that & flooring foam sheets to cover thermal bridge points & floor has foam mat insulation under 1/2in plywood w/vinyl on top
– has a new android tablet connected via bluetooth to the BMS system connected to the 285 amp hour battery bank.
– 250w single solar panel on the roof on a custom rack
– no need for window coverings; I built a bulkhead and overhead storage space and insulated the cabin side.
– cabin passthrough emergency door
– water pump, accumulator, and plumbing are easily accessible under the sink
– lots of storage under the bed and beside the water tank
– 8 inch memory foam mattress with custom made silk zippered sheets (they’re tough, you can pull the off and throw them in the washer) + custom cut and fit mattress liners
– 1500w/3000w pure sine inverter, DC/DC charger (van has heavy duty alternator), 60A solar charge controller
– 480w, 24v power system (only used for LED strip currently, could be tapped for other things)
– 95 CRI, 6500K T8 replacement LED strip
– 2, 12v outlets inside the van, 1 has a 120w charger with 2 usbc and 1 usbA outlets (1 is used by the android tablet)
– theres a passthrough from the inverter to the cabin for a power cable to the TV or monitor you can mount on the wall (HEAVY duty tv mount), as well as an extension cable that runs to under the sink
– MPG is 14-20 mpg
– has had 2 oil changes since purchased new, last one only a few hundred miles ago.
– 8kw diesel heater
– backlit mirror with 3 levels of brightness
– the bed has a leaf that you can slot in (normally stores in the back behind the bed), so it’s and L-bench or 1 person bed, or a nearly full sized bed with the leaf that will comfortably sleep 2
– Maxxair 00-06401K Maxxfan DLX
– pop-vents on the back hatch (2) so you can get airflow with the roof vent
– sink is currently plumbed with 2″ drain through the bottom of the van (you could only use organic/biodegradable soaps)

Tons more I’m sure! Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

I built this all by myself and I have tons of photos from the construction if interested!

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