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long beach
, California
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long beach
, California
8,022 Miles
Last Modified March 23, 2024

Converted Ram Promaster 3500 2021 for sale 8022 miles

Its in great condition, sadly can’t bring it back to the east coast with me

MYBOOST cell phone booster and router installed!

750w of solar on the roof, app controlled to tell you the intake and battery capacity

200ah x2 batteries under the bed, also app controlled with a screen above the sink telling you the remaining battery percetage/amps

This van has a walk in shower, it is accompanied by a composting toilet, and also right next to the bed the seat/table there is also a BATHTUB! literally the only van i know of that has both a walk in shower and a bathtub!

apartment sized water heater! you wont have to worry about running out of hot water any time soon, this huge water heater is supplied by a 65 gallon water tank! to the right of it is a pull out storage system and an outdoor washdown shower (hot and cold water)
** lines for water have heat features to prevent freezing and breaking.

REVERSE OSMOSIS system! dont worry about drinking dirty tap or unfiltered water, theres a whole system dedicated to making your water clean

FULL SIZE queen bed, with a mounted smart tv

This van is totally soundproof , inbetween the custom woodwork, the interior is packed with sound dampeners and insulation for cold nights.

the van is full of dimmable lights, so you wont ever be too bright or too dim

Dual cooktop stove with a window!

Microwave, and a full size sink w/ cutting boards.

Under the bed is a ton of storage for clothes, but also a pull out table – with a folded gaming monitor across from it for gaming setups and offices.

THIS VAN INCLUDES A STARLINK SETUP, i use this van as an office and gaming rig time to time and have never had an issue, i can game all day or be productive and never worry about bad connections or running out of power

AS A BACKUP, if theres ever a bunch of cloudy days and somehow you run out of power, i have a yeti 3000x thats brand new! they retail for around $3,000 and are app controlled!

VAN includes a diagram for every wire that has been put in here, for easy maintenence and trouble shooting

This van has super low milage and has brand new tires!! This van is 100% turnkey and road trip ready!

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