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San Antonio
, Texas
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San Antonio
, Texas
24,080 Miles
Last Modified April 20, 2023

This makes me very sad to sell. I spent a year building this out to live in full time, but after several wonderful months on the road, family obligations required my wife and I to give up that dream for the next few years. Would love to see this go to a good home. I’m not a pro builder, but I did my best and am pretty darned proud of it. Electrical was done professionally, so no worries about that. There are a few minor cosmetic things left to finish if you want, but totally functional and great without them.

-2021 RAM Promaster 159
-24,080 miles
-Passenger side seat swivel
-Rear Sumo springs
-Upgraded all-season Falken tires (makes a big difference, believe us)
-Upgraded LED headlights
-Professional electrical and heater install
-All oil changes done and tire rotations on schedule
-80/20 extruded aluminum framing
(incredibly strong and light)
-Baltic birch wood wall panelling
-Grey colored laminate flooring
-LED overhead lights on dimmer switches for front and rear
-Rear slider bunk windows

Electrical System:
-400w solar panels
-400 aH BattleBorn batteries
-Victron 3000w inverter
-Charges from solar, alternator, and shore power
-Plenty of 12v and 110v outlets
-Electrical system professionally installed and/or inspected.

Water System / Bathroom:
-Bosch water heater (2.5 gal)
-30-ish gallon water storage tank
-Under-van 26 gallon grey tank (VanLife Outfitters)
-Wet bath with C-Head composting toilet
-Hand held shower head
-Teak shower mat

-Dual burner induction cooktop
-Isotherm Cruise 65 refrigerator (2.3 cubic ft)
-15” kitchen sink w/ water filter

Living room / Bedroom:
-U-shaped bench seats/couch with swivel tabletop (Lagun table mount)
-Seats breakdown flat into queen-ish sized bed (wider than a queen, but a bit shorter)

Climate Control:
-Domestic RTX2000 12v AC (6824 BTU)
-MaxxFan Deluxe vent fan
-Webasto Airtop 2000 gasoline heater
-VanMade Gear insulated window covers
-Thinsulate insulation

-Customized shoe storage/step to front seats
-Three-tiered pantry/closet
-Storage space under pantry/closet for bags, bins, toilet accoutrements
-Space under sink for trash bin and cleaning products
-Spice/dry goods pullout pantry cabinet in kitchen
-Space under the step to living area for shallow items
-Storage under bench seats include velcroed plastic organizers
-Towel hook
-Coat and hat hooks
-Customized backdoor cubbies
-Customized sliding door cubby
-Rear storage under living area for camping chairs, tools, etc.

Included accessories:
-BugWall insect screens (not installed)
-Waggle Pet monitor
-Seatback organizers on both front seats
-Magnetized blackout covers for all windows
-GoTreads (get unstuck)
-Trailer hitch slide-out safe with combo lock (to leave keys or other small items)
-Trailer hitch

-Upper cabinets can use doors or curtains but functional as is
-Rear and side door can use cosmetic trim work but functional as is

Not included but available:
Projector and screen ($500 extra)
RV grade tire pump ($50)
Moonshade canopy ($250)

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