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, California
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, California
3,300 Miles
Last Modified July 17, 2023

Brand new all-electric Ford E-Transit! This sleek, stylish, comfortable and one of a kind conversion is perfect for adventurers seeking a sustainable, off-grid experience without sacrificing the comforts of home.

The interior is custom designed with:
relaxing mood lighting
durable boucle arch headboard, footboard and bench cushion
organic faux concrete pendant light
premium and strong Baltic birch wood cabinetry
sage velvet blackout curtains
open kitchen shelving framed by terra cotta statement tiles

But this van isn’t just beautiful, it’s so easy to use and enjoy your adventures! The layout has multiple configurations. The table can be mounted in multiple locations:
in front of the bench to eat or work at
on the other end of the kitchen counter to have much more counter space
up by the bed for a nightstand or to set your computer to watch shows
behind the bench for outside use

Both the driver’s seat and passenger seat swivel around to open up the living area and the kitchen cabinet is designed for someone in the driver’s seat to comfortably use the end of the kitchen area as another eating or work space.
The super comfortable lofted queen size bed, not only allows you to access it at any time, but also allows for a huge “garage” storage space underneath with lots of shelving, cabinets and space for so much large gear. You can access the garage from the inside or outside of the van, it has its own lighting and storage for the cassette toilet.

The kitchen has lots of cabinet storage as well as:
an automatic water pump system, with a quick release valve allowing you to easily refill and switch to additional water
a sink with a foldable modern faucet and cover giving you even more countertop space
a portable butane cooktop allowing you to cook inside or out
a Dometic 12V Fridge & Freezer combo.

There are 350 watts of solar panels on the roof and a large house battery storage, so you can enjoy off-grid adventures without worrying about running out of power. And you’ll be able to monitor and control it all from the Renogy One monitor and the accompanying app!

And the vehicle itself is such an awesome way to travel as well. It has a built-in WiFi Hotspot allowing you to connect your computer and devices on the road! It also has a large touch screen monitor with Apple CarPlay, a wide angle accessible backup camera, 3 different drive modes and so much more.
The van’s charge range average is between 120-150 miles and with the burst of new electric vehicles, charge stations are popping up everywhere, even in the National Parks! So you have lots of options to either use the Fast Chargers that can charge from 20%-80% in less than 30 min or be able to plug in the van to top it off with a standard outlet when you arrive to your campsite.

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