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, Utah
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, Utah
9,500 Miles
Last Modified August 30, 2023

2022 Deisel 170” Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van RWD

This van could be great for personal use as well as a great rental van. All warranties from dealership are transferable.

Front: Starting from the front: Seat warmers, apple/ android car play, 360 camera, and much more. Moving away from he dash, we have 2 swivels seats with ample amount of leg room to turn and face the “home” of the van. Above the the seats we have large overhead storage which is perfect for easy to access things such as black out shades (comes with the van), shoes, or anything.

Middle: There is a specific cabinet next to the shower dedicated to the trash, cassette toilet, and induction stove top. This cabinet has a VERY large drawer to store food, cooking supplies, and others. There is also a large overhead storage cabinets for anything you’d like. Above you also have 1 of the 2 AirMaxx fans in the unit.

Gally: Dometic Fridge, tons of drawers storage, farmhouse sink, sink gray water, big pots and pans drawer, with a swivel sink to spray inside and out. This butcher block counter top also has a flip up extension to add more counter space. A little hidden shoe cubby is also right next to the entrance underneath the gally. Turn around you have a full indoor shower and shower head.

Back: On the left bench you have the electrical system. On the right, you have a huge storage campartment for bed sheets or who knows what. When in the benches are out you will also have access to a full swivel mount table for eating or working. When the table is broken down is transforms into a king(ish) size bed with the 2nd fan right above it. Underneath the back bench you have your fresh water tank, water pump, water heater, outdoor shower, and some garage space.

Exterior: Has a big window on the sliding door as well as rear windows on each door. Has 30Amp shore power hook up on the passenger side. The roof also has 600 watts of solar, and 2 airmaxx fans.

2022 Mercedes Sprinter Van 170” RWD
Miles: Around 9,000
All Factory Warranties Still Intact and Transferrable
Apple/ Android Car Play
Automatic Cruise Control

Main Electrical:
600W Solar (3x 200W)
300Amp Hour Battery Bank (3x 100amp)
Bluetooth Victron 3000W Inverter
Bluetooth Victron Solar Charger
Bluetooth Victron Battery Monitor

Cassette Toilet
12V Dometic Fridge
12V Airmaxx Fans (x2)
12V Diesel Heater (Tapped into van fuel)
12V Water Pump

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