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Salt Lake City
, Utah
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Salt Lake City
, Utah
55 Miles
Last Modified August 6, 2023

Rock Solid Vans is proud to have converted this beautiful 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into a luxury campervan.
This van was framed using ultra light extruded aluminum. Not only is this product super light, but it is also far stronger than your typical 2×4 and plywood framing. The aluminum is bolted to the chassis. When it comes to a long lasting build, this is the way to go as it will not fall apart or delaminate over time.
The cabinetry was built with nine ply Baltic Birch and the drawer facings are made from Walnut. The bed is 6 feet long with a 6’7” max width and a 6’3” minimum width. There are 6 usable cabinets with three more that are utilitarian. There are 6 drawers in the kitchen area, with a 7th that is used to house a cassette toilet. All of the drawers are dovetailed.
The electrical system consists of Victron components, including a Mulitplus 2 power inverter that doubles as a 50 amp shore power charge control. The 30 amp solar charger is connected to two 100 watt panels, and there is a 30 amp dc-dc charge controller. This runs through a Lynx distributor where it is appropriately fused and then sent to a Furrion distribution box that houses both 12v and 120v power, passing through fuses and breakers as it is distributed throughout the van. The wiring is all marine grade stranded wire.
There is a 36 gallon fresh water tank and a 7 gallon gray water tank. The water heater is a 4 gallon Bosh heater that has an outdoor shower connection.
Temperature control in the van consists of a Dometic Penguin ii air conditioner with a heat pump for winter camping. Under the passenger seat there is an Espar Airtronic heater that runs off the diesel tank. A Mexxair fan, alongside three awning windows provides airflow. We’ve also added three layers of insulation to the walls and ceiling. The first layer is a reflectic insulation, followed by 3M Thinsulate. Finally, there is an 1/8th inch foam under the tweed fabric that covers the walls and ceiling. The floor has R9 insulation.
The floor is life proof flooring, the countertop and swivel table is butcher block.
Both the driver and passenger seat swivel.

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