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Santa Clara
, Utah
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Santa Clara
, Utah
800 Miles
Last Modified May 14, 2024

Discover the ultimate adventure companion: “Keith” Van, a brand new 2022 4X4 Camper van, engineered for families who thrive on exploration and comfort. This van transforms travel by offering sleeping arrangements for six and seating for the same number, making it a perfect match for large families or groups of adventurers.

– 2022 Mercedes sprinter high roof 3500 XD extended
– Independent adjustable king suspension package that will tow 9500 lbs without sage
– 295 all season tires with custom bronze wheels
– 46 gallon diesel tank
– @colorado.campervan pop top with 14 feet of extra space that can be used in both winter and summer, the walls are insulated & AC sits on top
– 10 kilowatts of battery with 3600 watt inverter (that’s a lot of power)
– 30 gallons fresh 15 gallons grey water
– forward facing fridge freezer
– large pantry
– lots of overhead storage and dinette storage
– seat 6 sleep 6
– farmhouse kitchen sink
– fully insulated for extreme temperatures
– lots of lights and lots of power outlets both 12 volt and 110volt
– full home audio system with Bluetooth and 17inch screen tv
– Starlink mobile included!
– microwave
– induction stove top
– water heater
– place for toilet to go

One of the van’s standout features is the Colorado Camper pop-top, which effectively adds a second story to your mobile abode, providing an additional 14 feet of insulated sleeping space. This ingenious design ensures that whether you’re braving the scorching heat or the biting cold, you’ll remain in optimal comfort thanks to the 12-volt AC and efficient diesel heating system.

Worried about keeping your provisions fresh? The van boasts an impressive 85 quarts of fridge or freezer space, allowing you to stock up on supplies and stay off the grid for extended periods. Power is never in short supply either, with 10 kilowatts of Lithium Batteries and a 3600 Watt inverter, you can easily power your AC, microwave, or even stay connected with Starlink, all without needing a generator.

Oh and this comes with the starlink dish and wifi boosters.

Speaking of staying connected, “Keith” Van is equipped with advanced Starlink cables, ensuring you have internet access on the move, a feature that’s as convenient as it is revolutionary, ensuring you’re always just a click away from the rest of the world.

Storage is abundant, with ample space in both the garage area and the innovative double-decker pantry, designed to meet the storage requirements of family life. The van’s independent adjustable King suspension guarantees smooth rides, even on off-road adventures. Paired with 4X4 and 295 all-season tires, “Keith” Van is your ticket to exploring the most remote areas without a hint of worry.

In addition to Mercedes’ bumper-to-bumper warranty, “Keith” Van comes with a warranty from Adventure Family Van builds, ensuring peace of mind wherever you go. This van offers a cozy gathering spot for meals or games, making every moment memorable, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

The van’s sleeping options are versatile, with flares that allow for sideways sleeping or an adjustable bed that can be extended for taller individuals. The efficient boiler water heater provides continuous hot water, making it possible to enjoy instant hot showers anytime, directly from the van’s rear shower options.

Entertainment is just a button press away, with a full home audio system and a fold-down 17-inch screen TV with surround sound, ensuring movie nights can be a family affair, no matter where you find yourself.

“Keith” Van is more than just a vehicle; it’s a mobile haven for adventure-seeking families who demand comfort while embracing the off-grid lifestyle. Embrace the freedom to explore with “Keith” Van, where every journey becomes a cherished memory.

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