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, Arizona
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, Arizona
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Last Modified January 31, 2023

We unfortunately must part with our beautiful custom luxury conversion due to our family growing in size. This luxury 2022 Ram Promaster 2500 159” high-roof is built with a focus on maximizing natural light, views of the outdoors, and safety. This was our second custom build done by a professional team and I learned from our first van. I built it with everything I wanted in my ideal van. We included windows at every wall and area (unlike many other builds) and built in shades on every one for privacy. This full off-grid capable van embodies adventure mixed with a photo worthy interior and exterior!

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For your comfort, the van has 3 living areas including a kitchen, sitting area, and bedroom. The kitchen includes a yacht sourced fridge and freezer combo that works great! This is NOT your standard conversion cold box; it is a real fridge with upper level freezer that runs on 12V and doesn’t drain the battery. The kitchen has an induction cooktop in the counter with a counter extension, sink with hot water, and microwave (again, all chosen to maximize battery life)! The large kitchen looks out the side-door so you always have a view of the outdoors when cooking. In the bedroom, we have an 8” full foam mattress for home level comfort. The living area includes a collapsible table and seating. The seating area converts to an additional single bed. To help with your glamping, there is also a hot water outdoor shower.

This 4-season van is comfortable in all-weather with an interior heater, ventilation fan, and 12V AC that can run even when you’re completely off the grid. For additional seating, there is a swivel seat to make further use of the counter space. She is self-sufficient and fully powered for boondocking with 4 lithium-ion batteries, 3000-watt inverter, 40 gallons of fresh water and a large capacity water heater. Safety is a major consideration in addition to comfort in this build. There is a smoke detector, a fire extinguisher, and the breakers are all accessible within the living area.

Check the photos carefully and you will also see that the windows are custom in all areas with built in screens (for airflow) and drop down shades (for privacy). You really can have it all in this van.

Kitchen Features:
• Refrigerator with freezer 3.3 CU
• Stainless steel sink 15”x17”x10”
• Bar sink faucet with single handle
• 2 burner induction cooktop
• Custom counter top with extension
• Overhead cabinets
• Microwave

Living Room Features:
• Custom upholstered cushions
• Storage under seating
• Custom blackout curtains
• Folding wall mounted table
• Overhead cabinets
• USB Plugs and LED Lighting
• Seating with bed conversion
• Maxxair fan
• Espar Heater
• Toilet

Bedroom Features:
• Platform Bed with 8” full gel foam mattress
• Overhead Cabinets
• USB plugs and LED lights with dimmer switch
• Roof top 12V AC

Electrical System:
• Vitron invertor 3000
• Battle Born Lithium Batteries 4
• V.E. Smart Dongle
• MPPT Solar 100/50
• 800 Watt of Solar Panels
• Victron Energy BMV – 712 Smart Battery Monitor
• DC/DC Renogy 60A
• DC/DC charger engine
• Lynx Distributor
• Outside plug (shore power)
• Interior fuse blocks, circuit breakers

Water System:
• Shurflo Water Pump 12V
• 40 gallon fresh water
• 20 gallon grey water
• Electric water heater 4 gallons
• Water gauge and screen
• Outdoor shower

Additional Finishes:
• 12V Roof AC
• Espar Heater
• Yacht flooring
• Living room window
• 2 Bedroom windows
• Rear windows
• Windows with self-inclusive privacy shades
• Video rearview mirror
• Swivel passenger seat

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