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, Alaska
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, Alaska
20,000 Miles
Last Modified July 15, 2023

haRVey is a great 21′ campervan fitted out by Thor Motor Coach on a 3500 Ram Promaster chassis. We have adventured in haRVey about 3 months in the last year on multiple trips out of Alaska and our snowbird home in Arizona… racking up 20k miles (haRVey is still under warranty) This van is awesome for Boondocking in the wild and exploring tight city spaces.

Over the course of our travels we figured out many things that made van life super comfortable. We are selling those items with haRVey, which makes this van “ready to adventure” by just adding food and clothing.

All the items listed below are items we added to haRVey and are leaving to make this a super enjoyable, turnkey travel van

Garmin RV GPS (model RV 890 MT-S – this unit great for finding RV and travel β€œstuff”)
Smart TV (upgraded original tv)
Cell phone antenna booster
Sumo Springs (for stability and lift)
Spare tire (rear mount with cover and license. Adjustment bracket)
Yakima (hitch-mounted, swing away) cargo storage system (contents list below)
17” Blackstone griddle (with case, grilling tools and propane tank adapter)
Camp table (folding aluminum)
Camp rug
Wheel leveling ramp/blocks
Tire covers (sun protection)
Marshmallow roasting sticks πŸ™‚
Utility items (black water/gray water chemicals, cleaning supplies)

Water/Sewer (inside the back door cubby)
Water hoses (potable & rinse hoses)
Pressure regulator (hose attachment)
External water filter (hose attachment)
Misc fittings (e.g. 90 degree elbows etc)

Electrical (inside the back door cubby)
Receptacle adaptors (for 50 amp or 20 amp service (Std cord is 30 amp))
Surge protector (includes power verification circuitry)

Kitchen/cooking items:
Keurig coffee maker
Water heating element (single cup heater)
Pots & pans
Snap tight storage containers
plates/bowls/cups/glasses (regular and wine), silverware, dishwashing tub & soap, knives, spatula, potato peeler, can openers, funnels, ladles, tongs, scissors, wine openers :-), ice cream scoop :-), salt & pepper, zip locks, lunch sacks
non-slip/non-rattle cushions in cabinets and drawers

Misc. β€œstuff”…
Ottoman (seat and shoe storage)
Garbage can
Bathroom floor grate/mat
Vanity mirror (front passenger)
Towels (small/medium/large)
Throw blanket
organization bins (cabinets and refrigerator)
countertop bubble levels
air-tight TP canister
broom/dust pan, hand soap, bug spray, road maps, garbage sacks

PS… If interested from outside of Alaska… this would make a great springboard for an Alaskan summer adventure and return trip back to the lower 48 through Canada. πŸ™‚ Or, down the inside passage through Southeast Alaska on the Alaska Marine Hwy (haRVey can ride the ferry at “car” prices in the under 22′ rate for passage).

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