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Hood River
, Oregon
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Hood River
, Oregon
5,500 Miles
Last Modified March 13, 2024

Campervan Conversion
2023 Ford Transit All-Wheel-Drive high-roof 148” Ecoboost

-Title in hand. Ready to sell.
-Cash only. no trades.
(van is located in Hood River, Oregon)

This all-wheel-drive off-grid campervan van is fully equipped and ready for any adventure! It is built and tested professionally in Hood River Oregon. Upfitted with brand new rugged all-season tires and a 52” lightbar, this van is capable of tackling nearly any terrain. There are many gear storage capabilities made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind and the build design is engineered with many options including an adjustable bed, removable back seat, and a cozy bright atmosphere.

The galley is simple yet effective. The Acacia wood countertop is left open for lots of versatility including a deep stainless-steel sink, extendable faucet, and adjustable Lagun swivel table. The cupboard and drawers have lots of storage capabilities including space to store the propane stove (included), compostable toilet (included), and any other items. The 12vDC Truck Refrigerator/freezer has lots of space, is quiet, and energy efficient.

The electrical system is well thought out, using Victron and Renogy components. It includes a Lenovo Tablet which can be linked with the vehicles WIFI to stream movies or to monitor the battery system. All electrical is easily accessible, located under the counter. The setup is easily maintainable and has three possible charging methods to ensure your batteries are always full. The charging methods include solar, shore power, and the van’s alternator when the vehicle is turned on. It is equipped with a 300AH LiFePo4 self-heating battery, over x12 dimmable cabin lights, x7 USB ports, x3 12v outlets, and x2 120v outlets.

The bed design is a big highlight of the van. It has many options for modification depending on the application for use (see photos). The full-size bed has a 3-piece custom foldable mattress measuring 73” x 54”. When the bed is not in use it can fold into a large living room area which can be easily modified to a large office space, lounge area, dining room, couch, and a large storage area for hauling big items such as bikes or for work. Below the bed on the driver’s side is the battery bank, the plumbing, and additional storage.

-All Wheel Drive
-Ecoboost 3.5L V6 (gas) 10 speed Transmission
-Full Powertrain Factory Warranty package
-Abyss Grey
-Miles: 5,500
-Lane Assist
-Adaptive Cruise Control
-HID headlights with fog lamps
-Backup camera with 360 View and backup assist
-RADIO – SYNC3, 12″ screen
-Vinyl seats (black)
-X2 front overhead shelf with curtain rod
-Swivel Seats (driver and passenger side)
-Removable rear seat with seatbelt (black vinyl)
-Side and rear doorstep
-New Falkin Wildpeak AT3 tires
-TOW/HAUL with trailer wiring
-Illuminated sun visors
-Custom Cannonball metalworks Side ladder and roof rack
-Keyless entry pad
-X2 additional master keys
-Remote start (Ford Pass)
-WIFI hotspot (Ford Pass)
-And Much More

-180 Watts Solar
-52” curved Rooftop light bar
-Renogy 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter / Shore-Power Charger with Remote Switch
-KISAE Technology DMT1250 Abso DC-DC Charger, 50A
-300 Ah Lithium Battery self heating with bluetooth monitor.
-Kisae 40-amp DC/DC Charger (charges from alternator when van is running)
-Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor with Bluetooth
-Lenovo Tablet HD M9-2023 with Victron battery monitering and movie streaming capabilities
-Cooktop, propane or butane (Stow away)
-Eberspacher Airtronic B4 Heating System
-Maxxair 6200k Fan
-Passenger and driver door slider opening windows (Van Windows Direct)
-X9+ 12v Dimmable cabin lights (including 3 adjustable reading lights)
-X3 cabin Dimmable reading lights with USB and red mode
-TF49 12vDC Truck Refrigerator with Freezer
-11X USB Outlets
-2X AC 120v Outlets

-20-gallon Fresh Water Tank with easy-fill
-On-Demand Hot Water
-Outdoor Camplux propane shower with quick release hose
-Stainless Steel Sink and Faucet with extender to 2nd optional outdoor shower
-Stow away portable toilet (Camco 2.6 gallon)

Additional Specifications:
-Fold-Up Bed
Many bed options: Bed or couch mode / high bed, low bed or empty (see photos)
-Custom upholstered mattress
-Custom made insulated window coverings (Van Essential)
-Water tank area storage
-L-Track on ceiling and sides ready to fit any mule bag setup or secure cargo
-Acacia hardwood countertop
-Upper Cabinets with lights
-x2 slider Style Windows
-Cannonball Metalworks custom side ladder
-Roof Rack (Vantech)
-Fully insulated using Thinsulate insulation
-Carbon Monoxide detector & fire extinguisher
-and much more…

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