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Coeur d' Alene
, Idaho
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Coeur d' Alene
, Idaho
13 Miles
Last Modified January 5, 2024

2023 AWD Tenorite Grey 144″ Sprinter

Available Now to Reserve

Price starting at $199,000

Get a van that was fully designed inside and out, engineered to be the best van on the market for less than competitors.

Fully welded aluminum frame interior.

No plywood construction.

High end finishings including hardwood cabinetry.

True off-grid electrical system.

The exterior features a custom roof rack with integrated solar panels, a 12v air conditioner, forward and rear facing light bars integrated into MB factory light switch system.

This van has 2 custom aluminum ladders allowing you and your travel buddy to throw large items on the roof. With custom nerf bar style steps, Owl Van accessories, an onboard air compressor and a massive electrical system, this van will take you places no other van will.

The large battery bank allows you to use the microwave, air conditioner, heater, cooktop, hot water heater, and more all while off-grid. Between the 30A shore power plug, the 600W solar array, and the large 250A alternator you’ll never run out of power. All appliances run off the electrical system with the exception of the diesel heater that runs from the van fuel tank, meaning all you need is fuel, water, and electricity to keep you going.

The interior features custom aluminum tube frame cabinets that result in a very strong and quiet platform without adding a significant amount of weight. This cabinet system is heavily designed to house all of the components that make this van so capable.

This cabinet assembly features an electrical cabinet that houses (2) 330Ah Smart Victron Lithium Batteries, a Victron 3000W Inverter/Charger, and loads of other Victron components that results in a seamless integrated electrical system.

The water cabinet and kitchen galley cabinet house a 24-gallon filtered fresh water tank, a 4.2 gallon hot water heater, a 10-gallon grey water tank with external dump system, an outdoor shower, a large 12v marine grade refrigerator, an oversized kitchen sink, high end RV faucet, and an induction cooktop.

The upper cabinet contains a microwave, the electrical interface device, a stereo, and loads of storage. The kitchen galley features custom wood cabinetry with high quality maple drawer boxes, high quality Alder solid doors and drawer fronts, and high-quality cabinet hardware used throughout.

The sideways aluminum frame queen size bed has dimmable reading lights, USB chargers, and allows for space for a permanent dinette. No more rearranging the bed to have a place to sit!

Underneath the bed you’ll find the garage area with a series of L-Track allowing you to secure your gear. We can help you with custom accessories to use with this L-Track system that best fit your lifestyle.

Reserve this AWD before it’s gone! We have fast production times and can get you in your dream van this warm season! Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time vanlifer, this van will exceed expectations while offering an elegant, engineered aesthetic.

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