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, Washington
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, Washington
60,100 Miles
Last Modified October 16, 2020

Note: I’m trying to sell my van as quickly as possible so I can leave Seattle. It’s priced to sell but I’d be willing to entertain a serious offer if it allows me to leave Seattle a week earlier.

If you’re looking to van dwell in style this could be your van. The cedar walls are especially beautiful at night. I positioned the slide-out couch to face out the side door for optimal views.

For sleeping the van has a slide-out couch and hammock mounts. I’d usually sleep in the hammock (included). A foot-pump sink provides water from a 10 gallon tank. A wooden door provides access to the cab. Solar panels on the roof turn sunlight into energy, powering the small fridge, LED lights, and more. No dedicated bathroom but there is ample room in the back to set up and use a portable Cleanwaste toilet.

The van is ventilated by a high-power roof vent and a vented window. The sliding door has a halfway-stop and a velcro/magnet bug screen. Foil-foam reflectors insulate that van’s windows from the sun’s rays.

I bought this van used from a Ram dealer early-2017 with about 19k miles on it. I converted it into a camper and started traveling with it late-2017. One cross-country trip and 18 states later it has about 60k miles on it. I’m staying in an apartment in Seattle while I sell the van. The van is parked at the airport.

The van has had one engine issue repaired under warranty (bad rocker arm, see “Notable Issues” below). I’ve also listed every minor problem I can think of below. If you have any questions just let me know.

Conversion Details
– Cedar wood paneling
– Walnut wood floors
– Four seamless glass windows (rear doors, sliding door, and behind the couch)
– Maxxair Maxxfan Plus with remote and automatic open/close
– Pull-out couch bed
– Hammock mounting points (corner to corner)
– Foot pump sink with 10 gallon water tank, 3 gallon lever-controlled drain tank
– Five storage cabinets, vertically oriented to optimize for floorspace
– Secured lock box
– Insulated cab divider with door and peephole
– Dometic high-efficiency fridge/freezer box
– Sliding curtains and velcro reflective covers for all windows
– 10+ wall hooks able to hold 50+ pounds
– Three webbing mounting points able to hold 300+ pounds (in addition to the hammock mounting bolts)

Van Features
– 2016 Ram Promaster 1500, high roof, 136” wheelbase
– VIN is 3C6TRVBG9GE133522 (
– 59,600 miles on odometer as of this writing
– Gasoline 3.6L V6 engine
– Tow-rated 2.5” trailer hitch with cover
– Hankook all-terrain 10-ply tires (installed in May 2019 at 45k miles)
– Two keys with remote lock
– Backup camera with night vision (aftermarket install)
– Cruise control (aftermarket install)
– LED lowbeams (aftermarket install)
– Bluetooth JVC radio (aftermarket install)
– Dashcam
– Wireless phone charger
– Removable winterized floor mat in the cab
– High-quality windshield reflector

– 400W solar panels
– 100Ah AGM deep cycle battery
– Solar MPPT charge controller with monitoring screen
– Smart isolator for charging from engine
– Marine-grade fuse boxes and breakers
– LED ceiling lights with remote and dimmer
– Several 12V barrel outlets and integrated USB outlets
– Two high-power 12V barrel outlets
– Portable 12V to 120V 300W pure sine inverter
– Portable 12V to 120V 150W inverter

– Never missed an oil change or PM service. Assorted receipts are available.
– Brake pads and rotors replaced: July 2020.
– New tires installed: May 2019 at 45k miles.
– Last oil change: July 2020 at 55k miles.
– 40k mile service: October 2018.
– 60k mile service: Due.

Notable Issues
– The engine had a misfire caused by a bad rocker arm. The dealer replaced all the rocker arms and lifters under warranty. The repair is warrantied for another two years until September 2022.
– No spare tire. Of all things the spare tire was stolen from beneath the van in 2018 while I was in San Francisco. I decided not to replace it.
– The passenger side window was originally vented like the driver’s side one. I kept closing the sliding door while the window was open causing the bar which opens it to snap. I’ve since sealed the window shut. I was considering replacing the window with a solid glass one (Part number FW385R, usually costs less than $400) but didn’t have time before leaving Colorado.
– Aesthetic: The rear driver’s side panel has a noticeable dent with a scratch from side-swiping one of those 3-foot-tall metal posts at a gas station.
– Aesthetic: The rear bumper is dented from when I backed into a tree.
– Aesthetic: This one’s hard to notice but I hit the front bumper on dip and popped some screws on the protective underbody plastic. I had the plastic underbody piece wired back up at a shop.
– Aesthetic: After a windshield replacement the shop was having a hard time sealing the bottom plastic piece to the windshield and put some ugly epoxy on it.
– Aesthetic: I used to have a big forced air heater on the back of the van. There are two large circular holes in one of the rear doors and some screw holes that have all been primed and sealed. I put vinyl over the large holes so it doesn’t look as bad.
– Aesthetic: An assortment of tiny dents and scratches.

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