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, Virginia
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, Virginia
980 Miles
Last Modified February 7, 2022

Check out our website at and our video on YouTube at Via Verde Vans
-Winterized, solar-powered stealth camper with large 24×48″ expandable toilet/shower
-Double or triple the solar and battery power of most other vans
-Highest safety-tested, separate seating and sleeping areas for 4 people
-Handcrafted interior with LEED-certified sustainable products made from renewable resources like bamboo, cork, Havelock wool, Marine Loncoin flooring, and Richlite countertop and table
-Use in winter/summer, mountains/cities, in campgrounds, or on your own

Living Space

-Beautiful, durable bamboo wall panels from Adventure Wagon
-Removable 3 Panel MOAB Queen Size bed over Double size bed with 5-inch natural latex and soy foam mattresses
-4 swivel bucket seats that turn toward a central table for eating and games (table stores during travel)
-48-inch kitchen counter with energy-efficient Dometic CFX refrigerator, induction stove, optional Instant Pot
-Round 17″ Houzer sink with Berkey Water Filter
-24″ x 48″ shower pan with hot shower
-Nature’s Head composting toilet (gets the highest reviews of all toilet options from van and RV owners)
-Overhead storage, shoe rack, towel dryer/clothes hanger, hooks for coats
-Garage storage with large drawer with space to mount 4 bikes and bags

Electrical System

-AC and DC outlets for charging electrical devices and running lights and kitchen
-480 watts Renogy solar panels
-3 Battle Born 100ah lithium batteries
-3000-watt Multiplus Victron inverter, SmartSolar MPPT, and Color Control GX panel

Safety Features

-Full safety package from Mercedes Benz with 3-year full warranty
-Integrated Seat Belts and highest standard post-manufacturer seat mounting with steel floor plates on floor and underneath vehicle
-Adventure Wagon wall and ceiling steel support beams and L-track throughout  van to strengthen walls and secure all furniture
-All interior modular components (beds, shower, sink, kitchen, fridge) secured with maximum strength bolts and large washers
-Carbon Monoxide detector
-Flame and mold retardant insulation and flooring
-Highest standard carbon filters for drinking water
-Nontoxic lithium batteries
-Havelock wool insulation is water impermeable, air-filtering insulation, mold-resistant

Water System

20-gallon freshwater tank mounted inside van
10-gallon grey water tank mounted under van
4.5-gallon Isotemp water heater
1.5 gallon Berkey Water Filter

Heating and Cooling

-Maximum sound deadening on floors, walls, roof with handmade Thinsulate covers for wheel wells
-Havelock wool insulation (13 R-value) in walls and ceiling
-Thinsulate, 1-inch Thermacork, and marine-grade bamboo plywood insulated floors
-Espar S2D2L Heater with High Altitude and muffler
-2 Maxair Fan Deluxe roof fans
-3 screened windows
-Door screens for back door
-Thinsulate and solar reflective blackout insulated curtains and window treatments

Options: For an additional $1000, will include

Moonshade Awning
Thule collapsible ladder
Cutlery, dishes, cooking ware, and Instant Pot

Weight of Van and Fuel Economy

The weight of a van impacts its fuel economy. We designed our van with weight in mind, to enable users to average the 25-30 MPG estimate other Sprinter users say is possible with the Sprinter Cargo van.

A Sprinter 170 Cargo van has a Curb Weight (empty) of 5710 pounds. Our VVV conversion adds 2000 pounds. Adding 25 gallons of gas, and 25 gallons of water equal an additional 400 pounds. The total payload for the Sprinter 170 is 9050.

This leaves 1000 pounds for the weight of 4 people, plus food and luggage.
Many other van companies will not disclose the weight of their vans, which unfortunately often hit the payload before adding people, food, and luggage. The Verde Voyager Van is built with 80/20 aluminum/steel beams, which combine the lightest, the strongest, and the most secure connection to the steel reinforcing supports in the van.

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