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San Diego
, California
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San Diego
, California
13,000 Miles
Last Modified July 18, 2021

This is El Bussalito, the all wheel drive, stealthy, bodacious adventure-mobile that we have called home for the past 9 months.
(Check out our adventures on our instagram @el_bussalito, and our van tour video

We built the van right at the beginning of Covid intending to ditch our rent, working remote, and traveling the country doing all our favorite outdoor activities.

We traveled all over the west side of the united states, surfing, snowboarding, climbing, and backpacking.  All the while, working our full-time jobs out of the van and making our co-workers very jealous. (Check out our Instagram @el_bussalito to see the highlights of our adventure!)

After an incredible run, now we are deciding to sell our beloved Bussalito because Delaney has started an intense nursing graduate program, and we are locked into living in one area for a while now.

We designed the layout to be the perfect balance between livability, remote workability, and adventure-mobile badassery.

It has all wheel drive which has allowed us to rip through snow, sand, and rushing rivers without a hiccup, and a Propex heater system that kept us comfy in all seasons.

We are a big fan of sneakiness, so we kept the street-facing side of the van blank for extra stealth factor.  We never paid to park a single night, and never got hassled once, which is a game-changer for van life.

With the overhead cabinets, fridge/freezer, and under-bed garage, It has plenty of storage space for all our clothes, adventure gear, food, and living necessities. Even with all our surf, climbing, and camping gear we kept it tidy enough to make Marie Kondo proud (And yes, El Bussalito does spark joy).

Since Delaney is an incredible cook, we made sure the kitchen was a top priority. It has plenty of counter space and fridge space for Delaney to make her magic, and the dining table area has plenty of room to sprawl out. We have had several 5-6 person dinner/dance parties in El Bussalito with room to spare.

The versatility of the bed/table area is our favorite part of the van.

With the Lagun swivel table, the bed converts easily into a comfy open couch space or a workspace/dining room.

We can adjust it so we can both work simultaneously on each side of the table, or we can lift it into a standing desk to keep the juices flowing while we bring home the bacon.

Last but not least we have an outdoor shower with a curtain that pulls across the open back doors to make an epic outdoor washing room.  After surfing the chilly Oregon and Washington coast, a hot shower is unbearably delightful, and having our own space to clean off was vital during covid times when most gyms are closed.

We have put a ton of love into this van and we want to make sure it goes to someone that really squeezes every drop of life out of it.

We are looking forward to meeting El Bussalito’s new parents!


Water System

-25-gallon freshwater tank with overflow safety features to prevent spills
-3.5 GPM Shurflo water pump (plenty of pressure for sink and shower)
-CampLux Instant propane water heater for outdoor shower
-6-gallon grey water tank with overflow out of the bottom of the van (no stinky messes ever)
-Valve to direct sink grey water out of the floor of the van instead of the grey water tank
-Completely Winterizable with multiple drains.

Propane system

-20 lb propane tank sealed locker with ventilation out of the floor of the van
-Camplux Instant water heater
-Propex HS 2000 heater. Ventilated out of the floor of the van.
-Propane stove for cooking.
-professionally installed/tested copper tubing gas connections.

Electrical System

-530 Watt rooftop solar system
-3000 Watt-hour, 48 Volt Nissan Leaf lithium battery system with BMS (top quality
and eco-friendly upcycled system)
-60 amp MPPT solar charge controller
-1500 Watt inverter (runs a blender and tools nicely)
-Sterling alternator to battery charger (Sterling is the best of the best, charges the house battery while you drive, essential for snowy winter shred missions)
-Shore power charging system
-24 Volt DC fuse system for the Water pump, fridge, phone charging USB
-12 Volt DC fuse system for propane heater, ventilation fans, LED lights.
-Dimmable LED puck lights
-Battery monitor
-In drawer USB charger for phones
-Built-in Ford Transit Wifi Hotspot ( excellent reception even in remote areas for reliable remote work )


-Pull out Composting toilet. (out of floor ventilated, urine-diverting, odor-free)
-Outdoor shower room with detachable shower curtain and instant hot water.


-Engle high-efficiency fridge/freezer
-Propane stovetop
-Sleek black faucet
-Deep sink

Bed / Table

-Lagun swivel mount table ( versatile table used for dining room table, two-person work desk, or standing desk)
-Convertible bed/couch with comfortable professionally upholstered pillows.

Garage / storage

-Rope surf/snowboard rack on the ceiling ( can fit 2-4 surfboards up to 10 ft long)
-Spacious storage under bed accessed from the back
( Fit our surf, climbing, snow, camping gear, and toolbox)
-Ceiling cabinet system with hydraulic arm presses. (Dry food, Kitchenware, and books fit nicely)
-Inside access under bed storage (Fit all our clothes)

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