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, Idaho
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, Idaho
152,501 Miles
Last Modified February 28, 2024

Selling my 1984 VW Vanagon. This is the model that has the full camper set up in it. Sink, stove, top bunk, etc. I’ve owned it for 3 years now and have done a lot of upgrades. I’ve driven it from Montana to Florida and back and also up and down the west coast hwy. the van is currently located in Rexburg, ID

It has a Subaru 2.5L engine conversion. The conversion was done by a previous owner.

Since I’ve owned this van I have repaired all the major rust and got the outside repainted. All of the windows have new rubber gaskets except the windshield because safelight wouldn’t replace my gasket without replacing the windshield. However, I do t have the new gasket for the windshield. I’ve up graded the solar system with a 100 amp hour lifepro4 lithium smart battery and a 1000 watt pure sign wave inverter. Has a 175 watt solar panel on the roof. I installed a mini AC/DC truck fridge that can run off the solar system. I also added a natures head composting toilet. I have a bra cover for the front and a big screen that covers the back door

Mechanically I’ve replaced just about everything, I’ve replaced
Cv axels
Fuel tank
Fuel lines
Fuel pump and filter
All the bushing and bearings in the front end
Brake pads
Brake drums and rotors
A handful of sensors in the motor
The spring loaded bearing on the shifting stick
The wheel bearings on all four wheels
Alternator and belt
New starter battery
I redid all the wiring for the instrument cluster
LED head lights
Added an rpm gauge
Rv water pump
All of the rv water lines
Added a clear 5 gallon bucket for a gray water tank. Because these that were sold United States never had one.
The propane tank was inspected professionally and works great. There is an extra propane line under the sink that can screw into a little buddy heater. I also have a matching spare tire for the van, and I made a center console of sorts so I could have cup holders

A few things that still need to be replaced is some of the interior panels for cosmetic looks only, the last owner tried to install a sound system in the back of the van and did a horrible job so there isn’t a radio in the dash. However, I found that a JBL speaker works great for that.

The odometer broke shortly after I bought the van. I bought the van with about 151,487 miles on it and it broke at the mileage you see in the pictures. The mileage for the Subaru engine is unknown. With that said the amount of repairs and new parts on this van I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across country again.

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