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Santa Rosa
, California
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Santa Rosa
, California
33,555 Miles
Last Modified December 16, 2021


We are selling our beloved camper van, this gal is deluxe and came with all the bells and whistles the 90’s had to offer. She runs great and has a really awesome plush burgundy interior that is in very good shape considering her age. We have added some upgrades to her along the way as well as modified her interior to make her more efficient. She’s built for comfortable living with both grey water and black water capability, heating and air in the living area, toilet capabilities, a sink and two stove top gas burners as well as an extended range with two gas tanks. She has space for a minifridge if you wanted to add one as well as lots of storage both in the living area and over the driver compartment. We added in a LED lighting system that can change colors as well as an added solar battery cell that can be used to charge laptops, phones or power the LED lights off grid. She’s fit to be a stationary apartment alternative or a long haul adventure mobile. She does have some body rust but at this time it is aesthetic not structural. We are only the second owners, the first was a jolly old grandpa who treated his rig like a palace, it has all of the original owners manuals and received all services and maintenance required.


– 133,555 Miles (estimate, the odometer only has 5 places)
– Two 22 Gallon gas tanks
— One of which has a new fuel pump
– E250 V8 Engine
– Tow Package
– Power Stop System (never used)
– Clean Title, In Non Operational Status
– Well Maintained Engine
– New struts and sway bar in 2016
– New rear gas tank in 2016
– New fuel pump in 2016
– Brakes serviced in 2019 (was put into non-op soon after this)

~Deluxe Dearborn Campervan Conversion~
– Original Burgundy and Silver Swoosh Custom Paint
– Plush Burgundy Interior (She’s really a beauty compared to most van of her time that look like a doctors office, just go
look at the other listings: horrible grey, pepcid green, who picked these colors?!)
– Extended Wheel Base and Extended Cabin
– Grey & Black Water Ready
– Working Tapedeck (for all your favorite Nirvana tracks)
– Raised Roof, and extra 16″ of headroom!
– Fold out Double Bed
– Closet
– Lots of Storage
– Double Gas Burner Stove Top
– Sink
– Toilet Capability (just buy toilet seat, we removed the original and never used it, it would be in the back of the van next to
the closet. See the picture with the bright red cover on the floor, this plugs the black water connection)
– Living Space Heat and Cooling (We have never used it and are not sure if it works)
– City Water Hookup
– City Electricity Hookup
– RV Battery in Addition to Engine Battery
– Privacy Tint
– Privacy Black Out Curtains
– 3 Captain Chairs that all swivel 360*
– Exterior Hose Attachment for Adventurous Showerers

~Additions We Have Made~
– Solar Battery Powered LED Lighting System with Color Settings (Solar Battery Pack, not panels)
– Removed Excess Carpentry to Reduce Weight and Improve Gas Milage
– Added Powder Coated Interior Storage Hook and Shelf System
– Removed old 90’s TV and Converted Space to Overhead Storage (huge increase in storage space)
– Added LED Light Bar on Front Bumper for Increased Nighttime Visibility
– Added Limo Tint on all Windows for Maximum Privacy
– Mural on Closet Wall and Shelving
– Light Switches accessible from Bed (HUGE upgrade!)

~Things We Will Throw in~
– 4″ Memory foam bed topper (makes it VERY comfortable)
– Bed Linens, Sheets, Comforters, Blankets, Pillows
– Sahweet Silver Lion Head on Grille
– Solar Powered Battery Pack (Renogy Phoenix brand)
– Tapedeck to headphone jack converter

She has been an absolute joy to own but we are moving to Florida and have no place to store her there, taking our tiny family all over the state of CA has been a highlight of our life and she even took us on a impromptu honeymoon when Newsom locked down the state one day before we were supposed to have a swanky weekend in wine country. She has some quirks, only one gas tank accurately shows it’s fuel level, the blinds by the bed no longer open or close, but it has never hindered us. If you have any questions please ask.

Serious Buyers Only.

Camper van, conversion van, sleeper van, rv.

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