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, Oregon
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, Oregon
114,996 Miles
Last Modified February 23, 2024

This van has been my love and pride for the past two years. I bought it as a wheelchair van in Bend, and spent two years converting it as a pandemic project in Portland. My goal was to be able to travel and live off grid while working remotely. Last year, however, I decided to have a baby and the van cannot safely accommodate a car seat because the airbags cannot be turned off. (I have researched and tried everything, believe me). So I am selling my beloved van. This past summer I installed new walls, upgraded the window frames, and replaced the inside cabinet with something more compact and travel-friendly. It’s comfortable, warm and super well insulated, and simple to use for road trips or camping. The van is mostly windows, so its great for enjoying the scenery.

In terms of standing up inside, I’m 5′ 4″ and can stand up inside with several inches of headroom. I actually added a platform on both levels which took about an inch and a half. This was so I could insulated with havelock wool under the floor to keep it warm and for temp control. If you are 6 foot and want to stand up, this may be too short for you. But some check it out anyway. Additionally, it has a metal shelf on the frame at the top, and the previous owners had a wooden shelf installed the entire way around the interior. I removed it to replace the walls and have not re-installed it, but an additional shelf could be installed the length of the van for overhead storage. You could also add cabinets to the metal frame.

You can use this as a “no tech” van, or install solar and a battery and use the wiring which I installed throughout the walls and flooring to connect power for an off-grid experience. I used it as a “no tech” van for a tech cleanse in nature, and because I pivoted my renovation budget to start a family. But it can easily be upgraded. I’ll share the wiring plan and show you the removable storage and floor panels for accessing wiring.

I am happy to answer any questions, provide the VIN, and share all of the service records that I have. The last owner had it for 6 months and didn’t do anything to it in terms of maintenance or renovations. The owners before that did some renovations, which I mostly took out and upgraded. I don’t have the service records from the previous owner, but some information is available in the VIN records.

Here are some highlights:
-Walls and floor have AC/DC wiring for a fridge and outlets although outlets are not installed
-Passenger seat rotates to face inside of vehicle
-Floors have waterproof luxury vinyl installed
-Queen size bed that converts easily to a U-shaped couch with a table which can be installed (I have all the parts for installation)
-Bed has ample storage inside frame
-Brand new walls are made of white boat vinyl
-Wood window frames made from Hemlock with magnetic strips installs for magnet window covers
-Window covers included
-Insulated with Havelock wool in floors and walls.
-Includes a working ceiling fan, not currently hooked up to a battery
-Includes a working Trace Inverter (worth 1k)
-Tires in good condition.
-Has a tow hitch
-Wheelchair ramp and components have been removed

Runs great, no issues. Happy to share paperwork of recent maintenance.

Has a driver and passenger seat only. No seats in the back.

Asking $13,500. Open to “best offers” but hoping to get back what I put into it.

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