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Los Angeles
, California
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Los Angeles
, California
233,000 Miles
Last Modified March 4, 2022

Oh where to start, here listed is
‘The General’.
I spent the greater part of 2 months building this out. Fully insulated with toxic free, Sheep’s Wool insulation from a small sheep farm in Georgia.
Recessed overhead lighting that is more than enough light to cover the space. A lovely live edge cedar countertop with a copper sink, hooked up to two six gallon tanks one being a gray water tank for draining and the other for fresh water. Faucet is on a priming system.
Vinyl Flooring on top of a subfloor and a layer of insulation.
Tons of storage; under bed, over cockpit, next to side doors, over the countertop and sink, as well as under the sink. A custom cut mattress.
If you like to read like myself, i have a bookshelf that will fit about 20-25 books. All electronic functions work, windows, bluetooth stereo, recessed lighting, headlights etc. A swivel passenger chair. Full transparency, the exterior paint is not in the best shape. A paint job would do wonders for it.
Fluids have all been flushed. Oil change was done 1,500 miles ago. All 4 brand new All Terrain tires were put on 2 months ago. 232,000 miles.

I am currently living in it so the miles will continue to slowly increase until its sold.
I’m happy to answer any questions about it.

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