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, Alabama
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, Alabama
85,000 Miles
Last Modified September 8, 2023

Introducing your future adventure companion!

Main Features:
• Insulated floor and wall frames for a cozy living space
• 2 x 100 AH Lithium Ion Batteries (BattleBorn) & 3 x 100W Solar Panels
• 2000W Inverter (Battleborn) & LI-BIM 225 Isolator
• SoftStart RV Installed for Lower Startup amperage for A/C (can turn on A/C while vehicle is running and A/C can run ~1.5 hours off full solar charge)
• Refrigerator/Freezer & Portable toilet
• RV desk & Kitchen sink + marine foot pump water system
• Backup camera & Blackened window panels
• Levelometer & Jack
• CO2 / Thermostat & Fan
• MBII Diagnostic Tool & HiSense Portable Air Conditioner
• Mr. Heater Buddy Propane Heater

This 2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500 custom stealth camper van is the ideal blend of rugged dependability and endless opportunities for personalization. Offering a strong, practical base for you to make it your own unique home on wheels, this van is eager to hit the road and create unforgettable experiences with you.

As a former owner who poured love and effort into this van, it’s been an incredible journey. However, I must admit I didn’t quite complete all the finishing touches. Nevertheless, the van’s foundation is a perfect canvas for creating or adding on to the furnishments, and I’m excited to find its new owner who will appreciate its potential and create their own lasting memories.

During my time with the van, I’ve driven it all over the southeastern United States without any issues. Purchased used in April 2020 with 55,000 miles, it now has 97,869 miles. New tires were installed at 75,000 miles, and oil changes have been done every 10,000 miles. The most recent oil change was at 95,000 miles. Rest assured, this van is mechanically sound and runs like a dream.

Fuel Tank Cleaning & Emissions Issue Resolution: With that being said, there was a previous emissions recall at 44,000 miles. When I bought the van, I experienced a similar issue at around 58,000 miles, which caused the engine to shut off on the highway. Unaware of the recall at the time, I assumed it was an electrical problem so I installed a new battery tray, cleaned grounding points, and created new grounding points when necessary, but the engine still didn’t start. I finally realized I was just out of gas and the fuel tank was dirty from the previous owner letting it sit. I cleaned and resolved the fuel delivery system and the van has been running strong ever since. Installed a new turbo resonator at around ~90,000 miles (replaced stock plastic with aluminum one).

Note: Shore power connection components, RV locking monitor mount all included but not yet installed.

Known Issues:
• Side door occasionally doesn’t unlock from outside and requires a firm close
• Hood latch not connected to the handle; wire must be pulled directly (can be fixed with a bit of elbow grease)

Though this van may not have the flashiest build, it’s the reliable and functional choice for those seeking a road-worthy companion with a sense of humor. Perfect for those who appreciate a strong, practical foundation and are looking to create a unique and personalized home on wheels, it’s ready for adventure and eager to help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re excited to hit the road with a sturdy, dependable camper van that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is the one for you. Thank you for your interest! Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests. I’m here to help you embark on the next chapter of your life’s adventures.

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