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Up for sale is a low mileage custom stealth camper build that I never fully finished, though it essentially is only missing aesthetic work like wallpaper/paint. I am selling because I plan on converting a minivan or Transit Connect for higher fuel efficiency, as I commute quite frequently and could use the extra money to pay off some debt.

– Full video build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKwftYmcx5w

I bought this van used in April 2020. It had 55,000 miles on it at the time. It is now at 85,000 miles, and I have driven all over the southeastern United States with no problems whatsoever. New tires were put on at 75,000 miles and I have changed the oil every 10,000 miles, with the most recent one being the other day. I am planning on installing new rear brake rotors before selling. Title in hand. The previous owner had legal trouble and left it sitting for a while. He was a traveling cardiologist and used it to haul equipment for his practice. When I got it, I cleaned the fuel tank out, changed the oil, repainted the roof, took out the bulkhead, and began converting.

Here are the details of the custom build:

Electrical – https://www.explorist.life/2000w-inverter-200-400ah-lithium-200-to-700w-solar-camper-wiring-diagram/ — This is what I used to wire the electrical system. The setup includes:
2 100 AH Lithium Ion Batteries (BattleBorn)
3 100W Solar Panels
2000W Inverter (Battleborn)
LI-BIM 225 Isolator (for distributing alternator charge to residential batteries)

It is worth noting that I have not drilled a hole in the van for the shorepower connection, though I have all the necessary components to complete the job and will include them to the buyer of the van.

Everything else:
• Refrigerator/Freezer
• Portable toilet
• RV desk
• Kitchen sink + marine foot pump water system
• Backup camera
• Window panels
• Levelometer
• Jack
• CO2 / Thermostat
• Fan
• Replaced battery tray and rewired some of the vehicle’s grounding points
• MBII Diagnostic Tool

• Most instrument panel text unreadable; odometer doesn’t display right. However, Mercedes dealerships have a device that can see the true mileage of a Mercedes’ engine, and I have obtained 2 reports from them to track the mileage. I will provide these to any prospective buyer
• Side door doesn’t unlock sometimes; must unlock from within. One has to slam the side door for it to shut all the way.
• Fuel meter is faulty – it is accurate up until the halfway point. From there on, it’s guess work. I usually keep it above half, as it resolves the risk of running out of gas due to not knowing how much fuel is in the tank.
• Hood latch is not connected to the handle; you have to pull the wire itself instead of the handle. Not a big deal, can be fixed with a little elbow grease.

Thank you for your interest!

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