Santa Barbara
, California

2006 Ford E250 Econoline Camper Van
What makes this van unique is that a $40,000 dollar professional upgrade was done to make it at one time wheelchair accessible with a hydraulic lift before it was converted for camping. They lowered the floor 3 inches, raised the roof (including the side doors entry!), and lifted the overall body 4 inches, making it extra tall to stand in, and giving it a lot of clearance underneath the van if you go off road. When I’ve had the oil changed, the mechanics are always intrigued by the amount of work underneath. The 7 way electric adjustable captain seats are even designed to easily remove with just 4 latches and a quick release electrical plug.

The van has custom wine barrel roofing inside giving it a pleasant appearance, with wood cabinets and a butcher block counter space. The rear and side doors also have custom wood paneling, and there are 4 OEM privacy blinds that easily raise up and down. It has a lot of storage above the bed and above the front seats above headliner, above the kitchen counter, and under the bed in the “garage”. Since I’ve owned it, (I have receipts), I have had a new muffler and tail pipe put on (to make it quieter in the campground), new brakes, new tie rod bushings, new shocks, new drive shaft support bearings, and new electronics. I want it to always be safe and dependable. It has a solar panel, solar controller, AGM battery bank, 4 LED Lights (2 over bed, 2 over kitchen counter) that can be controlled individually or all at once with a master switch, and they also have a small blue led for night lights if desired when the main light is off, brand new Alpine touch screen stereo with Apple carplay, Bluetooth, HDMI, etc., 4 new door speakers, cerwin vega amp and subwoofer, Front and Rear camera, the camera comes on automatically when put in reverse, but can also be left on continuously while driving. The house battery is also hooked to the alternator, and a solenoid connects them when the key is on, and disconnects when the key is off, so there is no battery switch to mess with, and the house battery charges while driving with the alternator, and is topped off with solar panel. All wiring is fused and heavy duty. The tires are like new, and she is ready for many more adventures. The standing room in the van is amazing, and the floor plan could still be configured to any desire by someone. The wheels are factory OEM heavy duty and in perfect condition. All of the ceiling and walls have been properly insulated, and the roof fan is a “MaxFan” that provides plenty of ventilation to suck air in or out. The power inverter has two USB outlets and 2 110Volt AC outlets and can power anything I’ve ever tried, including a home electric heater. Sink features a 5 gallon water supply with manual pump, and custom removable tubs that make it easy to clean or do dishes. There is no plumbing to keep up with or repair.

The body is in excellent shape, other than a small dent on driver door. Paint is good as well, could be repainted on the very top of roof if desired. The color of the paint is a unique greenish blue silver. The Alpine stereo is brand new, cost over $1,000+ and still has the protective clear film on the screen, can be controlled by a phone app, etc. The speakers, amp, sub, and solar controller are also brand new. The front windows and top of windshield were recently professionally tinted with high grade ceramic tint. The Alpine radio model is a iLX-F309 for your reference, a HALO9-9-inch audio / video receiver with built in everything such as Pandora, ApplePlay, SirusXM, androidauto, etc. The USB/HDMI inputs are installed into the dash for a clean finish, and the amp also has a separate control knob on dash for the subwoofer if you want to turn the bass up or down easily. The radio even has an app that controls all the audio on your phone if desired. I recently had the solar controller replaced with a Renogy Voyager that has more features and controls but is still simpler to operate than the old one. As of this writing there are 123,470 miles on the odometer.

We are selling this because we thought we’d have more time to use it, but our jobs are not giving us the flexibility we hoped for during COVID. We are very very very sad to see her go, but want it to go to a good home who will enjoy her like we did.

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