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, South Carolina
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, South Carolina
43,216 Miles
Last Modified January 1, 2023

2008 Dodge Sprinter Camper $25,000
This year Sprinter did not come from the factory with a DEF system, Diesel Exhaust Fluid System.
The interior was built so that everything can be removed quickly, so the van can be used to haul large items, like motorcycle, appliances, etc.
The 2 backup batteries are 100 Ah SOK LiPOs, which are charged from 2 Renogy 100w solar panels, the van alternator or, if hooked up to Shore Power, by a Gen 5×3 battery charger. The solar panels are hinged to get better sun exposure when the van is parked. A Renogy DDC 3s 12v 30A DC-DC Charger with MPPT controls the solar panels and van alternator input to properly recharge the LiPO batteries. A Renogy 500 A Battery Monitor keeps track of power consumption and remaining Amp Hours. Shore power, using 10 AGW wires, runs to plug sockets and if boondocking a Renogy 2000w 12 Pure Sine Inverter can be used for small kitchen appliances.
The refrigerator, on 500 lb sliders, is a IceCo Dual Zone 60 liter and is cooled by a true compressor and is powered by 120v on shore power or 12v with no shore power. A manual control MaxAir 5100K handles ventilation and the mother board has been coated with electrical silicon to prevent moisture from damaging it. The running boards are APS Premium 6 inch. A new ACDelco 49 AGM van starter battery has been installed. The van insulation is with Smart Shield 5mm. A Serene Lift toilet handles natures calls. Both seats up front are Air Ride seats to smooth out the road. The Continental Van Four Season tires have very good tread left.
The new Kenwood DMX 47s stereo is paired up with JBL GX608c speakers up front and JBL GX963 speakers in the rear. The Red Wolf Backup Camera utilizes the Kenwood Screen for the rear view when in reverse. The system was installed by Best Buy.
The Queen Size bed platform, 73”x62”, is held in place with an E-Track system and the plywood platform is drilled with 2 3/8 inch holes to prevent moisture from collecting under the mattress. With the 2×4 cross members bolted to the e track mounts and the plywood platform bolted to the 2x4s, the garage area can not be accessed from inside the van. The only access to the garage is through the rear doors and a Oklead Lock is installed to further protect your property. The e track system, as well as many of the other modifications, are securely bolted to the metal structure of the van with Rivet Nuts, M6 or M8 bolts.
I purchased the van on 2-11-2021 with 40,300 miles, which Carfax indicated as accurate, and the odometer is now at 43,216. The van kept going into Limp Mode and the turbo cut out. Bought an Autel MaxiAP200, which is included with the van, and it just showed a Limp Mode Code with no specifics. Finally went to Malone Engineering and purchased a Powergate 3, comes with van, and reflashed the computer with a program that deleted 3 smog sensors and the limp mode problem went away. Now it runs really strong with no further problems with Limp Mode and the computer can be reprogramed back to stock. On the first long distant trip I found the motor was consuming oil. I live in a community that does not allow me to work on vehicles unless it is inside a garage, which leaves me with nowhere to attempt to diagnose it. I have taken it to a few mechanics and they think the turbo seals might be leaking. I have the Car Fax if you request it.
Main reason I am selling the van is that my wife wanted a travel trailer with more room.
Feel free to ask any additional questions.

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