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, Delaware
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, Delaware
225,759 Miles
Last Modified July 31, 2023


– 2008 Freightliner Sprinter 2500
– 3.0L 6F Diesel, RWD
– 225,759 miles
– 170″ Wheelbase



My wife and I purchased this van in the summer of 2022 and spent 6 months driving around North America with our dog. With us it has been through roughly 30 states and 3 provinces and seen some of the most beautiful scenery, parked in the coolest downtowns, and boondocked in the most wild and remote places. Before us it was also a van life van and the previous owner spent two years traveling around the states and living off grid!

We love this van and had intended on being it’s forever owners but I had a sudden career change and it was simpler for my wife and I to settle near my family and plant for a while. We plan to purchase a home and are selling to help fund that goal.

The build out was done by a combo of the previous owner and licensed plumbers/electricians/carpenters. Anything that wasn’t a simple build was done by the licensed professional which includes all gas line work for the stove/oven, solar install, lighting, diesel heater install, etc.

This van was very comfortable for my wife and I and our poodle and while it’s obviously a small space it is very well laid out and practical. Nothing is wasted. Our favorite parts are the spacious storage which includes a closet and the cute little dinette! We ate here for most meals unless it was really nice outside and we wanted to enjoy the weather. Also, I’m 6ft and being able to stand inside is a luxury I’m glad I didn’t have to do without.

The van also has ample room in the back for supplies, toys, tools, etc. I stored multiple tool kits, a blow up kayak, camp stoves and chairs, tons of stuff for our dog, a jackery, and a whole slew of other things with room to spare.


– When we purchased this van it needed the brake line repaired. The temporary repair didn’t make me feel very comfortable in Colorado mountains so I had a shop in FT Collins custom build a brand new set of brake lines for it in September.

– It also had an engine light on, which was coding for a glow plug problem. I had a hard time finding the actual root of the problem as the light still remained on after replacing all 6 glow plugs. In March I had a Mercedes shop replace the glow plug module itself and all 6 plugs again and now the van has no check engine light and no codes.

– The only warning light still showing right now is when the headlights are turned on. This light indicates a bulb needs to be changed. I have changed both bulbs and the light will not turn off. I’m not sure if there is a reset I’m missing but the bulbs have been changed. The indicator light doesn’t show until you turn on the headlights.


– transmission replaced under warranty at 100k
– new turbo (2018)
– DPF Delete (2018)
– Alternator replaced 4k miles ago
– Filters replaced 5k miles ago
– fluids topped off recently
– oil recently changed
– new rear tires 20k ago (front tires still have plenty of life but were installed in 2020)

I have hard copy records for lots of maintenance before me and all maintenance records since I bought it.

Okay so now to the good stuff about the build!


– Three 100W solar panels, Renogy 300W 12 volt monocrystalline solar RV kit w/ Renogy Adventurer controller

– Battery I believe is 250+ Ah marine battery. The previous owner said it came recommended with her solar kit and the pros installed it. I have included a picture of the serial number in the photos. It powers the interior lights, outlets, roof fan, diesel heater, and fridge and in our 6 months of driving and some weeks of terrible weather where we stayed inside all day it never fell below the normal use threshold

– Fan-Tastic 3 speed manual crank RV Fan 1200 series

– Diesel Webasto Bunk Heater

– Pioneer AVH2230NEX Radio

– Garmin GPS RV model w/ back up camera (back up camera is Bluetooth to Garmin GPS so doesn’t show on built in van display)


– Two motion window camper style windows and screens

– ARB 4×4 retractable awning (ARB4401A)

– Roof rack

– Grill guard

– large outdoor rug

– Coleman 2 burner camp stove


– ARB portable fridge/freezer 50qt Electric 12V/110V

– Three burner Wedgewood Vision propane oven/stove combo (this thing is amazing to have in a van! We didn’t have to miss out on homemade pizza!)

– Sink, 12v water pump w/ interchangeable 5 gal tanks for fresh/gray water

– Custom Tile mosaic

– Stained wood countertops

– Dinette table

– Lots of kitchen storage!

– A literal banana hammock (I really should be charging a premium to include this lol)


– Dresser for clothes

– Closet with mirror

– Storage in dinette chair bases

– Curtains and pull down blinds

– Overhead LED lighting

– Cheap fairy lights down the interior side of the van. Easily replaced or removed

– Luxury vinyl plank flooring


– Horizontal custom queen mattress 6″ gel memory foam 72×60

(I’m 6ft and my wife is 5’3. I imagine any taller than me and you would have to turn diagonal a bit so this may not work for two over 6ft people. Could be retrofitted though as there is room to remove some wall.)

– Outlet near bed

– Diesel heater controls near bed

– 2 storage cabinets above bed

– Curtains and pulldown blinds

– Pull out drawer underneath bed


– Thetford Porta Potti Curve 550e cassette toilet

This toilet is on a slide out panel. We never used it and the previous owner assured me it was only used on rare occasions for midnight #1 emergencies in cities. It is a simple toilet with a tank that can be removed for dumping. You fill the reservoir with water, dump in some chemicals, and you’re good to go.

It could be replaced with a composting toilet if you desired but for us it was not necessary as we spent most of our time near toilets or so far out in the woods that the wilderness was a better choice.

– storage behind/beside the toilet to store toilet paper, wipes, cleaning supplies, etc.


– Custom sun shields

– Custom Covercraft seat covers (these were made for a different model Sprinter so they do not fit the sides perfectly. They are snug and work well but are not a perfect fit.)

– built in Apple lightning plugin for phone connection (radio is Bluetooth but this is more stable and charges


– The diesel heater works VERY WELL and is an amazing little unit. The van is insulated so it holds heat very well. With the curtains drawn and running the diesel heater it gets TOASTY in there quickly!

– The van drives very smoothly and does have cruise control to keep things easy on long stretches.

– it drives very comfortably at or under 75mph. It can certainly hit higher mph as I often did to pass slow moving traffic but it rides smoothly and still quiet and low ish rpms at under 75mph.


This van was a part of some amazing memories for my wife and I. We loved driving it, living in it, taking pictures of it, and telling all of our friends about it to make them jealous! We visited probably over 20 national parks and more than that in state parks and public lands.

If you any questions at all do not hesitate to dm me! We are based in coastal Delaware and I would be willing to drive it to you depending on the distance and agreement/interest on a sale.

We’re about 1.5 hours from BWI and DC area airports if you live in another area and wish to fly out. I would be willing to meet you near the metro areas if necessary as I have friends who live there.

Thanks so much for looking and I wish you the best on your van shopping journey!

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