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, North Carolina
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, North Carolina
117,000 Miles
Last Modified April 12, 2023

Vehicle Description –
2010 Chevy Express 1500 5.4L V8
All Wheel Drive
2 inch lift kit
32” tires
Apple Car Play
Remote Start
Security System
Backup camera
Battery cutoff switch

Kitchen –
Black farmhouse sink, 2 burner propane stove, 5-gallon removable fresh water tank, 5-gallon grey water tank with an external drain line, foot pump to run water to the sink

Electrical –
Giandel 2200V Pure Sin Wave Inverter
2x 100 Amp hour SOK Lithium Batteries
Powermax PM4 35A Smart Battery Charger
Renogy 50A Charge Controller with the ability to add solar
Shore power charging + alternator power charging controlled via easily accessible rotary dial
Charge controller with capability for solar charging as well. Solar panels were never added to keep it stealth but wanted the option in the future.
12V lights over the kitchenette
110v overhead diffused strip lighting

Heating and Cooling –
Havelock wool insulation
Propex HS2000 propane heater for internal heat
20Lb internal propane tank with propane leak detection alarm
Maxxair rooftop vent fan
Insulated window curtains
65L Yeti Cooler included

Layout –
The bed converts to a couch and back again. Can be done easily with one person. The couch was constructed using the hardware from an Ikea sofa. The bed is full size, memory foam, and allows for 72 inch skis/snowboards to be stored underneath.
The wardrobe and food storage cabinets are made of cedar, the countertops are made of mahogany cut into butcherblock style, all the trim and ceiling running boards are mahogany with multicolor controlled light strips above them, but note that they are AC so they run while the inverter is on. There is a media cabinet between the electrical cabinet and wardrobe that has easy charge points for phones and laptops. My mom, being the wonderful lady she is custom built curtains to separate the front cab from the back living space, and block out all of the windows. The side doors were blocked off for the kitchen and when opened from the outside you have access to a ‘wet room’, a small compartment that has been waterproofed to put boots, and rain gear that you don’t want to bring into the van with you until you can clean it off. There is also a butcher block countertop that stores in the wet room and you can attach it to the side doors to have an external table. Note about the interior height, I am 6’2″ and as long as I am sitting on the cooler, on the couch, or trash can (5gallon bucket with spin-off lid) my head has several inches of space from the ceiling, so very comfortable to move around in.

This van has been from Telluride, CO to Charleston, SC to Missoula, MT and everything in between. I’ve lived in it on and off for 3 years. (when I bought my house and renovated it, I stayed in it full-time for 5 months while I did renovations. I worked great! It was originally designed to be an adventure vehicle, not a full-time van life home. Works best when boondocking for 3-7 days at a time or close to power hook ups at a house or campsite. Haven’t found a place she won’t take me and stealth in that I’ve never had someone knock on my window. You can park on any street, parking lot or gas station and not be bothered. She (Gertie as I call her) was purchased from the original owner back in December 2020, my brother and I are home builders and we built her out. I can tell you anything you want to know, she is rock solid mechanically and I have been really pleased with my design, nothing I would really change with the layout or utilities.

Reach out to me if you have any questions.

The only thing to note is that the airbag light is on the dashboard and will stay on since the rear airbags were disconnected for obvious reasons. The fluids have been maintained, brakes and rotors were changed in the last 500 miles. Meticulously cared for and a lot of heart has gone into it. Selling because I have my own business and a flower farm now and my focus needs to be on those instead of wanderlusting for a while 🙂

Door dent was from the original owner, he told me someone backed into the van in a parking lot and did not leave a note.

Thanks for your interest and happy vanning,


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