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, Maryland
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, Maryland
120,000 Miles
Last Modified May 25, 2023

This Pleasure-Way is a 2011, it is white – the old-style decals have been removed and the van has been polished and waxed so it looks like a newer Pleasure-Way.

I have installed all improvements possible to make it drive smoothly and safely and to eliminate all the sway and rocking that comes with a 9 ½ -foot tall 22′ long vehicle. That includes installing Sumo Springs front and back, new Koni adjustable shocks all around, and TWO anti-sway bars. The factory original sway bar has been replaced by a beefier one, and an ADDITIONAL sway bar has been added in front of the rear axle differential housing. No more white-knuckle driving. It truly drives like a car in even on windy highways. It drives better than the newest Pleasure-Ways because Mercedes won’t let them beef up the suspensions without voiding the Benz factory warranty. I have spent over $12,000. on improvements and many months making this van an ideal smooth and safe cruiser (see list). I replaced the old 120v Dometic A/C with a 12v Mabru so you can drive with the cabin roof-top unit on without using the propane generator. It is much quieter and more efficient than the old-style unit.

I’ve also added a license-plate mounted video camera that is linked to a monitor that is mounted on the rear-view mirror so parking is safe and easy. I also installed a TIREMINDER bluetooth-enabled system that lets you see the tire pressure and tire temperature of all 6 tires (it’s a dually) on your smartphone as you drive. It can detect slow leaks before they become a problem. It also has the new Maxxfan Delux with remote installed in place of the original fan.

My wife and I used this during the summer of 2021 to drive from California to the east coast (with our dog) looking for where we would move to, taking 4 months to visit friends and family along the way. We drove it back to California, sold and packed up our home, and about 6 months ago we drove the RV back East (with our dog and 2 cats) to our new home in Maryland. We’ve owned it 2 years and crossed the country 3 times in it. It has served us very well. We had a very cool dog seat custom-made that sits in-between the front seats so the pouch can ride at our height and you can pet-as-you-drive. It looks great and matches the original interior ultraleather.

The RV is in excellent condition. The diesel exhaust system was just replaced under warranty by Mercedes and the turbocharger was replaced about 10,000 miles ago by the previous owner. See receipts in the photo section. The Michelins are almost new. The spare and the engine battery are brand new. It has 120,000 miles on it. It gets great fuel milage.

It is in Glenwood, MD, about 30 min. from Baltimore, 45 min. from D.C.

415 370 4195

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