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, Arizona
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, Arizona
121,018 Miles
Last Modified March 13, 2024

Professionally converted with luxury interior. All the safety features and technology you need to live off grid or travel to any area in any season. Perfect for passionate individuals who want ability for weekend trips, long trips, or fully off grid- with everything taken care of!

From hammock mounts, ability to work remotely, star gazing on the roof rack, open cabin area for extra sleeping and space, white board and projector screen for fun & work… this van has everything you could need!

Build Features (professionally installed conversion Summer 2021):
• Memory foam, size Full, bed
• Custom fit windshield, front driver, and front passenger window coverings
• Swivel passenger seat
• Small bunk window install
• Roof rack install
• Trifold mattress on ground
• Lagoon swivel table
• Butcher block countertop
• Stainless steel sink and faucet
• Water purification unit (provides drinking water)
• 2 Burner propane stovetop
• 3 cubic foot refrigerator
• Under counter storage
• Under bed storage
• Overhead storage
• 21 gallon freshwater tank
• 7 gallon, under sink, greywater container
• Wooden ceiling slats
• Painted shiplap siding
• Recessed, dimmable, LED lights in ceiling slats
• Recessed, dimmable, LED strip lights under overhead cabinets
• 200Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery capacity
• Battery monitoring system
• 200W solar system
• 2,500W inverter/shore power charger with 110v automatic relay (PURE sine wave)
• 3x 110v electrical outlets with USB
• Ceiling vent fan
• 12v rooftop evaporative cooling unit
• Diesel powered cabin heater (seamlessly uses fuel from the van’s fuel tank)
• Shore power electrical plugin
• 40Amp DC-DC charger (charges house battery when van is running)
• Carbon monoxide/propane detector
• Fire extinguisher
• Vinyl, wood style flooring
• Cassette Toilet
• Shelf over toilet inside cabinet
• White board panel in sliding door for projector screen
• Projector shelf
• Outdoor shower (quick connect shower head out of rear double doors)
• 4 gallon electric hot water heater

– From my Heart to Yours.
Julia Marie

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