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, California
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, California
55,557 Miles
Last Modified March 31, 2022

We’re selling a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170ext camper van, custom built to be off-grid w/ a MASSIVE battery bank & solar panel. She has treated us extremely well over the last few years, and we’re selling her because we want to put a downpayment down on a house!

The main thing that separates our Sprinter from all the other ones around here is how long it can stay off grid. We have a 500aH lithium-ion battery bank (the equivalent to 1000aH AGM batteries) with 420 watts of solar. Listings that don’t specify “Lithium Ion” batteries are usually AGM batteries. With AGM batteries, you can only discharge it up to 50%, and they don’t last as long as Lithium Ion. With lithium ion, you can discharge it to near empty, and they last much longer.

The batteries + solar last us 1 week before we need to charge. This is with heavy microwave, laptop, rice cooker, game console, fan, and water heater usage. The van has an IBR-900 router + antennae for fast, reliable 4G internet while on the road. On the trip to the red woods (pictured above), we worked with fast internet all day while our phones didn’t get any reception.

Aside from the regular goodies (listed at the bottom), here are some things you will rarely find on other listings:

Cool stuff:
– 420 Watts of solar
– 500 Ah lithium ion batteries
– 2x Victron 2000w inverter/charger
– 30 Amp auxiliary alternator
– IBR-900 4G router with auxiliary radio antenna
– Dometic CFX 65DZ 12v electric fridge/freezer
– 3x RO water filtration system
– Mercedes Distronic safety system w/ blind-spot warning
– Backup camera
– ZeroFreeze portable AC unit

Regular stuff:
– Full bed
– Shower with hot and cold water
– 40 gallon fresh water tank
– 20 gallon grey water tank
– 3x hifi speaker cables pre-wired
– MaxxAir fan
– Kitchen
– Closet
– Lots of storage space

She only has 55,555 miles (we just passed it). We’ve only ever maintained her at official Mercedes Benz dealerships, and have always been on time with the maintenance except for our last oil change which we did 4,000 miles early.

We’ve never idled her for more than a few minutes, and we’ve never used biodiesel – she’s only ever been filled with regular #2 diesel. We don’t take her on trips less than 20 minutes long – all trips are more than 20 minutes, and the majority of trips include many gas stops. We travel to San Francisco and Colorado a lot.

EDIT: Currently, there are a few things that need to be touched up. List below. If you buy as-is, we will work out a discount – otherwise, we’ll fly out the builder to get everything polished up before delivery. Here’s a list of things that we were planning of touching up before sale:
– Add a 1 drawer cover (1 piece of wood, painted and drilled in)
– Tighten screws on 1 drawer
– Touch up paint on 1 or 2 areas
– Screw in door panels from Mercedes
– Replace water pump (water pump already purchased, quick and easy install)

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