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, Minnesota
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, Minnesota
149,665 Miles
Last Modified March 21, 2024

The van that I call Shadowfax is looking for a new home. In Minnesota for the Spring, likely in Washington/Oregon for the Summer and Fall. Will consider delivery if you make it worth my while (likely only for trade since almost everything I own is gonna be up in here). After about 5 years of incredible memories, I’m looking to move on from my ProMaster and get into something more like a Diesel 4×4 sprinter. If you’ve got something like that and feel like making some sort of trade, let me know. Otherwise I’m looking for $45k or best offer. Shadowfax has some more pictures and videos in her natural habitat on my Instagram, if you care to sift through the other nonsense I’ve posted: @Whatsbengoingon
I’m gonna list a ton of details below and below that I’ll tell you what needs work:

Note: This van is currently in Minnesota but it’s never spent a winter in Minnesota, so you don’t need to worry about salt or rust.

Van Details
• 2016 Dodge Promaster 2500 Cargo Van
• 159″ Wheel Base
• High Roof Model. Stand up comfortably for anyone up to 72″ Tall.
• V6 Gas Engine. Avg ~21 MPG on the highway.
• Sitting at 149,XXX Miles.
• Relatively new Yoko all terrain tires. I beefed them up a little bit from stock. They’ve got tons of life left.
• Mechanically this van is in tip-top shape, with regular oil changes every 3,000 miles. Transmission flushed and serviced in 2023, recall work was done at Renton Dodge, Washington.
• Exterior is in pretty good condition, normal scratches and bug guts for a vehicle with 150k Miles. I’ve done more than my fair share of dirt road driving so there’s some scrapes from trees and stuff.
Lots of Insulation:
Walls, Floors and Ceiling are fully insulated throughout the entire van build. Each section contains:
• 1 layer of RAAMmat BXT II Automotive Sound-Deadening throughout the roof, floor and walls which greatly reduces road noise, rattle from what was an empty cargo van.
• 1 layer of Reflectix insulation
• 1 layer of R30 insulation
• 1 layer of 6mm Vapor Barrier
• 1 Layer of polyiso foam board and/or foam insulation in key areas where draft would be most prevalent.
• ¾” floor boards for additional insulation.
• Pergo Life Proof Flooring throughout the cabin and garage area – scratchproof/waterproof flooring.
• 3′ x 5′ Shag rug will stay if you want it. It’s nice to have some carpet.
• Both Front seats have swivel adapters and turn completely around
• Rear bench seats 2 (with seat belts and child seat hooks).
• Rear bench comes with quick-release latches that make it a breeze to remove the bench seat for extra space OR to build a more permanent bench seat.

• Renogy Complete Solar RV System Installed.
• (2) 100 watt Renogy solar panels on top
• BRAND NEW Battleborn battery with space to add more if you’d like, but 1 has worked great for every application I need.
• Renogy Wanderer Charge Controller. I also added alternator charger and charge control so the battery will always be topped off as you drive.
• Renogy 500W Inverter. – comes with remote on/off key fob.
• PowerMax PM3-55LK Power Converter from AC/DC power simultaneously.
• Digital Control Panel to monitor energy, power, amperage and current.
• 30A Shore Power Adapter on outside of van for RV camping hook-up.
• Van comes with (2) AC wall outlets, just like being at home, and 3 12v DC outlets, as well as (4) USB Wall outlets; all in easily accessible locations throughout.
• Full control panel switch for all lighting and water supply in easily accessible cabinet.
• On/off power switch to safely disconnect solar and battery if necessary.
• Fanntastic Fan – 3 speed fan for great air circulation.
• Ceiling – (4) energy-efficient LED Lights from front-to-back.
• Galley – (2) energy-efficient LED Lights
• Under-Shelf -LED Lights run the length of the Kitchen cabinets for accent lighting.
• Rear Motion Cargo Light for lighting in cargo area.
• Side window behind kitchen counter also has ventilation with screen.
• Ruvati Designer Sink and Pivoting Faucet.
• ShurFlo Revolution Water Pump – with on/off toggle switch to save power.
• (3) 7-gallon Reliance Rhino-Pak Portable Water Tanks for clean water storage.
• (2) 3.5-gallon Reliance Rhino Paks Portable Water Tanks for grey water storage.
• All plumbing/tubing is BPA free.
• Dishwashing rack, drain plugs and other kitchen accessories.
• Dometic 65L Dual Zone RV Refrigerator. Massive amounts of cold storage with freezer compartment as well. There’s enough room to put this in the main cabinets under the counter, but I use that space for extra cooking storage and use the fridge as a chair / leg rest for the passenger seat
• Van Includes Primus Tupike Dual Burner Stove. Easily stores under the kitchen counter for extra counter space when you don’t need it.
• Pioneer Back-up Camera
• Sony XAV Touch Screen Head Unit with remote control.
• Apple Car Play and Android Car Play for easy touch navigation and Media.
• (2) 6×9″ Kenwood Speaker installed in back doors. Great sound while driving as well as swinging the doors around at the campsite for music.
*Will include the dash cam as well. There’s a small line through the screen but it doesn’t effect the recording itself. Highly recommend having one for all the idiots out there.
• Custom-Made 5″ Memory Foam Mattress. (This is not pictured. I currently have a queen size house bed in there which makes for great sleeping but really cuts down on head room. You’re probably going to want the custom memory foam, which gives a lot more headroom and also folds up behind the passenger seats to give more head room in the seats as well, and more living space. We might need to negotiate this as I likely won’t have the custom mattress with me as I travel)
• 55″x67″ Mattress. Comes with a 15″ extended mattress for extra length.
Living Area Storage
• (4) 10″ deep by 12″ high overhead cabinets. Varying length.
• Under-Kitchen Counter measures 17.5″ D x 29.5″ W x 30.5″ L
• All top cabinets doors are spring-loaded, top opening to maximize head space and storage.
• Middle cabinet with control panel measures 10″ D x 15″W x 22.75″L
*Reflectex custom fitted window covers for every window are included
*Obviously I didn’t clean the garage for my photos – I wanted to give an example of how it might look with a mountain bike and a paddle board back there. (I’ll toss the MTB in if you happen to ride a Large and offer the right price, I’m in the market for a new one)
*The van was built with a full slide-out shelf for the garage, but it isn’t pictured because I don’t use it because it is too tall for my bike to fit. Depending on where the van is when you buy it, I can include the slide out shelf or not. It’s currently in my garage in MN.

Alright, here’s what needs a little bit of TLC. If you know even a little bit about word work or cabinetry, you could easily get this van back in tip top shape:
*The ceiling was originally built with wood glue and some of the wood glue has become disconnected and a crack or two has formed. I’ve reinforced the ceiling so it’s sturdy and will probably last a long long time. But if little cosmetic stuff bothers you, there’s some adjustments that could be made here.
*The wall built into the sliding door is in similar shape. The wall serves to hold in insulation and hide the “guts” of the door. It needs some new screws to be reinforced, I just haven’t gotten to it yet and frankly, I figured a new owner might prefer a different style here, as there’s so many more new accessories on the market now than there was when I bought this.
*There are blackout curtains on the front and the back of the van – they work great but the rail that they slide on has started to fail and some screws have come out. If you want to keep the same setup, it’s a super easy fix. New screws and boom, you’re done. But again, there’s way better accessories on the market now and I almost upgrade to a new bug screen / blackout setup recently, hence why I haven’t fixed the current curtains. You might want to do that so I left that up to the new buyer.
*There is a small dent (pictured) on the back right bumper from when I decided to test out a tree in a really dope overland camp site. The tree won, the van has a little battle scar to prove it. Chicks dig scars.
*One of the wall outlets is a little bit loose currently. I may have this fixed by the time it sells, if not, it should be an easy fix. Everything electrical has functioned flawlessly since I purchased the van.

Not planning on including:
The Otterbox cooler (I use it as a step and wanted to show there’s space for yours there too)
Any of the bedding (the mattress is negotiable as mentioned above)
Any of the stuff in the “garage.” That being said, everything has its price.

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