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Los Angeles
, California
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Los Angeles
, California
139,117 Miles
Last Modified April 26, 2023

We purchased a brand new conversion in January 2021 (Previously owned Sprinter passenger van). We traveled throughout the US visiting National Parks and family. Prior to owning the van, I wouldn’t have thought I would feel comfortable handling a vehicle this size, and I can tell you as a mom, and the one who did all the driving around the country with our two kids, it’s doable, joyful, and worth every penny! I drove the van all over, so if you have any questions/concerns feel free to reach out. I don’t think an ad does it justice to say how incredible this van is for ease of use, convenience, and freedom it brings the owner.

And by the way, since it’s over 6,000 lbs gross vehicle weight, it qualifies for Accelerated Depreciation (Section 179) and therefore is a huge tax write off in the year it’s purchased. I’m sure all the vans listed on this site qualify, I’m mentioning for the buyers that might not be aware of the huge tax break it is, if you own your own business. So that’s a nice little plus as well. Brings the actual price down considerably on an after-tax basis. I can educate a buyer on how that works.

During our adventurous and beautiful travels, we put money into the van for UPGRADES, including a brand new water and electrical system, new transmission and extra batteries. You can enjoy the benefits of all the changes we made while using the van – it’s ready to take off on any size trip – long or short, near or far, warm or cold!

Between the (2) 400 watt solar panels, 3000W pure sine wave power inverter, and the (7) 100 amp batteries & one starter, and the 25 gallon water and 5 gallon overflow, you can exist off the grid for weeks.

The van has a marine toilet and heated outdoor shower. It has double queen size bunk beds, and the table drops down to make a XS double size bed to sleep five comfortably. With 50 Square feet of roof deck, it’s great for relaxing, concert and festival viewing.

We also added a 30 amp shore power plug and a water filler fitting on the outside of the van for easy re-fill of the water tanks.

The kitchen is equipped with two burner Empava induction stove, beautiful fridge with separate freezer that kept all our frozen food solid for months. And a handmade, teak sink. We replaced the microwave with a toaster for convenience, but you could switch out if you prefer.

We will include high end insulation and bug screens for all windows, the slider, the barn door, and the front windshield. We paid extra for the right insulation to keep the cold out of the van during winter and the heat out of the van during summer. And we can attest that it really works.

We also have 12 v Max Air vent for the back, and and hurricane high velocity wall mounted fan for extra circulation.

We have the Van Top H612T 12:4k Mirror Dash Cam, voice control full touch rear camera in addition to the van’s built in back up camera. This gave us great perspective on the van while driving – for added assistance in lane changes and backing up. For anyone that is worried about driving a Sprinter van for the length, take comfort that its only a couple feet longer then a standard SUV and the extra review camera took away any insecurities I had prior to driving it.

We also purchased the Kuat swivel arm bike rack with 4 bike rack extension. This means that you can open the back door without taking off any of the bikes you are towing. A critical time saver and convenience – another extra cost on our part that is your benefit as it was a definite game changer. Also, the bike rack is two bikes and a two bike extension – so you can easily and efficiently remove (or add back) two of the bike racks depending on your needs for that trip.

Clean title and all services are up to date!

2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Diesel 6 Cylinder automatic with O/D brand new transmission! RWD, blue tech 2500
Mileage: 140,000 diesel workhorse
Clean title, smog certified

USB Bluetooth, AUX, LED Lights with Remote
cellphone booster
Front and Rear AC units with automatic temperature controls, navigation system
Mr. Buddy propane heater
seat belts for four people
Dining Table
6 off-roading Fog lights
lots of storage
no synthetic materials used to convert this van and it operates with green solar energy

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