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, Oregon
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, Oregon
85,350 Miles
Last Modified May 16, 2024

Camper Vans fit into 1 of 3 Categories…

1. Weekend Warrior
2. Seasonal Sally
3. Life Long Larry

> Life Long Larry, spends a year+ in a camper van
> Seasonal Sally, spends months in a camper van
> Weekend Warrior, spends 3-5 days in a camper van


2016 Nissan NV200
Miles: 85,350

We built this micro camper van for the perfect 3-5 Day getaway.
Not only does it get great gas mileage, allowing you to cover more territory.
It can also be used as your daily driver, as it easily parks in the city and fits in parking garages.

Stealth camping in the city is much easier in this van.
You can discreetly sleep without being disturbed by police, or parking authorities.
Also parks easily in the city, as it can fit in parking garages.

With a fold-out desk and bench workstation setup.
This could be a tax write-off if you work remotely.

– 500W House Battery w/ 120V outlets and charging station
– 100W Foldable Solar Panel
– Battery also charges while driving

– Bench converts to Full XL size bed = 54″ x 80″
– 4″ sleeping pad w/ adjustable firmness = cloud-like cushioning

– 2.5 Gallon Water Tank w/ faucet and collapsible sink

– Full front to back roof rack
– Umbrella attachment

– Class 3 Trailer Hitch rated for
– 3,500 lbs. gross trailer weight
– 525 lbs. tongue weight


> We designed this camper van for perfect 3-5 day adventures.
> Good gas mileage (28 mpg) allows you to cover more territory.
> Saves a lot of money compared to the bulky, gas guzzler, camper vans.

Message if you have any questions.
Happy to help!

Thank you,

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