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Thousand Oaks
, California

Thousand Oaks
, California
67,000 Miles

This is a 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 with a beautiful custom build out. With an elegant touch of cedar ceiling and accents with custom walnut counter and table tops you’re sure to love the aesthetic of this van from the get-go. The design is an efficient and effective use of space – aesthetically pleasing, yet functional. As you look at the pictures, you’ll notice the shower, kitchen/prep area, living/dining area, and bed all have their own space and are out of the way of one another. There’s plenty of room to stand and move about as well. Unlike most vans, if you’re looking to get from one end of the van to the other, there is plenty of walking room making it easy for two people to stand (or cook) back-to-back in the walkway or pass one another, so no one is ever in the way!

With the ability to take a hot shower, store food in the refrigerator, cook up a hot meal on the stove (or microwave), clean dishes in the sink, and even charge your phone/computer you’ll be ready to get on the road, explore, and be completely off-grid. Oh, and don’t forget you can recharge the 400ah battery bank via the 200W solar panels or safely through the vehicle’s alternator, so no matter where you decide to park, you’ll always have power! The 20+ freeway mpgs won’t hurt either! Enjoy all the adventures ahead!

Make + Model:
2017 Mercedes Sprinter 2500
Diesel/ 2WD
High Roof/ Extended Back
Powered Windows
Powered Side View Mirrors
Cross-wind Assist
All windows are tinted. Additionally, the windshield makes use of a special, carbon tint, which is more effective against the sun and heat.

– Running water
– Shower with HOT water
– Sink
– Toilet – LAVEO DRY FLUSH extremely convenient, so you never have to deal with draining a black tank, getting your hands dirty (poopy), no foul odors, and no chemicals, etc. (One of the best parts of the van!)
– Fantastic Roof Vent/Fan – Variable speed, automatic dome lift, thermostat, rain sensor, remote operated, reverse circulation
– Refrigerator
– Microwave
– 2 Burner Stove-Top
– Dining Table (slides away for convenience!)
– Indoor access to “garage”/storage under bed
– Cozy 5in Memory Foam Bed
– 8 Electrical Outlets located throughout the van so no matter where you are you’ll always be able to plug-in (both counter-top outlets are rated for high wattages so you’re free to use high wattage appliances i.e. water-heaters, blenders, juicers, etc., or simply plug your phone in for a quick charge
– 24 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
– 10 Gallon Grey Water Tank w/ overflow protection and mounted beneath the van so you never have to worry about bad smells, the mess of draining it, etc.
– Grey Water Tank Drainage Switch (Inside) – simply flip a switch from the comfort of the van to allow the grey water tank to drain
– Rear mounted step ladder so you can always access the roof top for a sunbathe or to conveniently clean the solar panels

Lighting – 4 Ceiling Light Circuits (This allows you to control each circuit separately and even dim them)
1. Walkway/Living Area – 5 LED lights that run the length from the front of the van to bed (rear)
2. Kitchen – 2 LED lights located directly above the sink and stove top so you can see when you’re cooking/cleaning
3. Prep Station – 1 LED light is plenty to light up the entire prep station and allow you to get that delicious meal ready to go!
4. Bed – 4 LED lights in a square configuration over the bed allows you to see in bed, read in bed, whatever you like.
***All these light circuits are dimmable LEDs, so if you’d like to dim it down and set the mood you can! Or if you need more light and want to turn it up you can do that too! An added convenience (which you’ll LOVE) is that the lights can be turned on/off from the kitchen area, entrance to the van, and at the bedside… you never have to worry about getting out of bed to turn out the lights!

Battery Bank:
– 400ah Renogy GEL Batteries
– 200W of Solar Power from 2x100W Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Panels
– Renogy DC-DC/MPPT charge controller – Monitors and safely charges your battery bank from both solar panels OR the Van’s alternator. (This is a huge component as it protects the life of your van’s alternator, keeps it healthy, and can even charge your starter battery when your battery bank is full).

– Master On/Off switch allows you to disconnect all electrical circuits, outlets, etc. if you ever have the need
– AC circuits all run through a breaker box which will protect you from shock, electrical fires, etc., and allows you to fix any blown circuit at the flip of a circuit breaker
– DC circuits all run through a fuse box which protects your appliances, you from shock, electrical fires, and allows any blown fuse to be easily replaced and fixed.
– 2000W Pure Sine Wave Renogy Inverter w/ Power Saving Mode delivers all the wattage you’ll need in a safe and power efficient manner, saving the most energy while delivering the most power
– Victron Battery Monitor lets you see how much battery life you have remaining, how many amps you’re getting from solar/alternator, how many you’re using, and all the battery info. you’d ever want and more.

Water System:
– 24 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
– 10 Gallon Grey Water Tank w/ powered drain switch and overflow protection
– 12V Shurflo Water Pump providing all the water pressure you need (45 Psi, 3.5 gallons per minute) You can run the sink and shower at the same time and lose zero water pressure – it’s great.
– Water Pump safety switch. The pump will automatically detect loss in pressure and turn on/off as needed. BUT if you ever have an emergency you can simply turn it off at the flick of a switch.
– 4 Gallon Bosch Hot Water Heater

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