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, Minnesota
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, Minnesota
7,900 Miles
Last Modified June 23, 2023

Selling my Sprinter Camper Van. Converted Sprinter van by VanCraft. Short wheelbase (144″)
Details from the manufacturer:

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For comparison, a 2022 conversion with ~0 miles is selling on their website for $120000. Mine is two years older with ~8000 miles. I’ve repaired two sources of damage – to the driver’s side panel in front of the rear wheel and on the passenger’s side panel in the front. I used it for a season, but plans changed, and I want to sell it. I’m using other sites to sell as well, with the same price, info and pictures.

The diesel heater in the van is gets WARM. It was used in Northern MN in November – it was almost too hot at night. It took around ~1/10th of a tank of diesel to heat overnight. I purchased new window coverings that are more heat efficient, but almost more importantly easier to attach. The old ones had these rubber suction cups that never stayed on right. The new coverings have magnetic clips and work great.

I have a lot of accessories that could go with the van. One thing that I would almost insist that you take is a long flathead screwdriver. This is for the clamp on the waterline in the sink. It came loose one time, and it is hard to reach back there. But there are many other items that I will throw in if you want them (working on this list).

I have some more cleaning to do on the interior, but the body shop did a great job of cleaning the front cab (see picture). I have some know-how to share but there are some features I haven’t used yet.

Shower with water tank in the back. No gray or black water tank. Detachable water tank for kitchen sink.
Solar power on roof. A couple outlets and USB plugins.
Heating system uses the van’s diesel tank.
Two swivel work desks, bed large enough for two adults / dog or two adults / two small children.
Passenger’s front chair swivels and there is bench next to the bed.
Portable toilet.
Awning cover.

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