, Arizona

This Travato Limited Edition 59KL National Park RV is one of only 200 made, featuring exclusive NP included features and upgrades. Very low mileage and excellent condition. No smoking or kids. We are the original owners and “Rosie” has been well cared for. We’re upgrading to a larger RV as the grandbabies have arrived and we would like to travel with them! This Travato has been such a joy to us. Easy to drive, store, get ready and shut down! We took a 5-week trip and never had to hook up; the entire trip was on solar power! AND we are able to go on Forest Service Roads for true “get away from it all” experiences. This Travato is all luxury inside, luxury features and rugged outside. The floor plan is spacious, it has a fully equipped kitchen w/microwave, stove and deep refrigerator, 2 beds that convert to a king bed or table, bathroom with shower, and amazing storage space throughout. Attached is a list of all the features and upgrades for this Limited Edition Travato. Little things such as the reading lights above each bed, the Anything Keepers flip down storage baskets, front and back door screens, outlets and USB ports galore (inside and out!), a built-in floor safe, tilt head rests on each bed, outdoor speakers, additional water on/off in back with quick-connect hose for easy cleanup after being on the trail or boat, features that when added to the larger items, make this Travato a dream!

***As a side note, as you can see on a couple of pictures, we have a custom made 2-kayak/2-bike rack with a swing hitch to allow both back doors to open fully. This is negotiable in the sale.***

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