, Colorado

, Colorado
38,000 Miles

Flexible on price, but must go through bank for the loan.

I bought this van so my partner, dog, and I could travel the country with our remote jobs.
However, I no longer have a remote job, and have very limited use of this wonderful van. I want to find it a good home.

I’ve named this van Ruby the Wanderer because she is tough, fearless, and powerful enough to take you wherever you need. In the year that I’ve owned her, I have taken her on some amazing adventures. From powder days at ski resorts, to beachside sunbathing. We had been stuck in subzero blizzard weather near Fargo over Christmas, and we stayed warm as a bug and she had no problems handling the road conditions. I’ve also taken her to Moab, UT, far into the wilderness, through some crazy back roads and she held up marvelously! She handles backroads, highways, and mountain inclines like a champ!

I bought this van from a couple of engineers who custom-built her to the nines. They took care to build it out as carefully and thoughtfully as possible. The cables are all labeled (cablep0rn is real!) and there’s an outlet everywhere you need one. I talked with the previous owners extensively to ensure I was getting a good setup, and they certainly set me up for success.

The previous owners built this van to serve their lifestyle. They created a space that allowed 2+ people to work remotely from the van and to be able to take video calls without being right on top of each other. There are two separate workspaces within the van for this reason. I’ve had 3 people in this van all on calls at the same time. With the separate spaces, we honestly had no troubles at all, with connection, power, or volume.

The previous owners built this to accommodate two dogs who traveled with them. I have one dog and he was a very big fan. There’s storage space in the “garage” for skis and also built a wardrobe to hold ski gear among various other clothing items. Below the wardrobe is the slideout composting NaturesHead toilet; conveniently located between the two workspaces so that it doesn’t interfere with anyone’s working day. There is a large cabinet running the length of the whole van which stores clothes, pantry items, toiletries, coffee supplies, and more.

They built the van with the intention of having enough solar so that 2+ people could both work remotely and have enough power to run an Air Fryer (I opted to buy an electric stove that I’ll include). There’s a huge farmhouse sink that is very versatile; from stashing dishes while driving to washing your hair if needed. The two front van seat swivel to create a nice ‘living room’ space in the front. I’ve had 6+ people playing a board game during a storm and it was still surprisingly spacious with the thoughtful layout.

The van heater was thoughtfully placed under the bench seat behind the driver’s seat. This is beneficial if one person runs cold and the other runs warm and prefers to have the ambient heat. They spent significant time insulating the van to ensure it would be comfortable in both warm and cold temperatures. I can attest, it is surprisingly AMAZING in both the summer and winter months **chef’s kiss**

There is ample storage throughout the van. Under each built in seat, there’s a huge storage area. The garage is very large and well laid out. Fro tables, one bench seat is set up with a lagun mount and a bigger overall desk and the other bench seat has a custom desk space that slides into the wall when you want to use it. The van is completely off-grid. We’ve comfortably stayed a week (or as long as our food and water supply would allow) on BLM land with beautiful views.

The cabinets are custom-made from ¾” birch plywood with shaker-style doors with locking latches and gas struts
A waterproof luxury vinyl plank was used in the main area. The ceiling is made from walnut stained pine wood slats
A large sliding window was added behind the driver side door
¾” Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) floor insulation below ¾” MDO Plywood Subfloor
Wall and ceiling were insulated with polyiso foil faced insulation ranging from ¾” to 2” thickness.
Thermozite and noico sound dampening/insulation over wheel wells
3M Thinsulate SM600L installed in all ribs in both the walls and the ceiling
All furniture is secured through the floor with ½” bolts for crash safety

—-Component Specifications—-
Custom-fit reflective window coverings for all windows to help insulate and/or give additional privacy
75” x 60” memory foam mattress from the United States
Long live edge walnut slab for counter that is protected with food grade safe finish
10-speed MaxxFan with remote
5 foot slide out table in the “garage” of the van
Custom built aluminum solar rack with 8.2’ x 8.2’ awning over sliding door
Espar B4L M2 Heater with built-in high altitude kit and EasyStart Pro Controller
Video rear view mirror
Dimmable overhead LED lights
Dimmable under-cabinet LED lights
Dimmable garage lights
Multiple bendable reading lights above bed
Engel 12V SB70F Refrigerator
WeBoost RV Drive X Cell Booster
Kenwood KFC-P710PS Component Speakers and Tweeters
H7 Eagle 80W 6000k LED Headlights
Lagun mount desk and a slide in desk (setup for 2 work areas)
Heavy duty sumo springs installed on both rear and front wheels for significantly improved vehicle handling
BFGoodrich K02 Tires (all terrain with snow rating)

Our van was configured for two people to live and work full-time. We have 840W of solar power on the roof and 400aH of battery power to charge laptops, run an air fryer, and do anything else you need from an electrical perspective. The LiBim charges the batteries while you drive. You can plug in the van through the shore charger and Victron Multiplus inverter charger, but we’ve only ever done that once in about a year of travel. All wiring was done with marine-grade wiring and connectors.
4 100aH 12V Battle Born LifePO4 Batteries
4x 210W HighTec Solar Panels (840W Total).
Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 2000W
Victron 150/85 MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor (Bluetooth)
BattleBorn Lithium Battery Isolator (LiBim)
Shore Charge Outlet
4 Standard 120V GFCI Outlets
4 12V Cigarette Lighter Outlets
8 12V USB Outlets
Heating pad installed in battery box to aid charging in very cold temperatures

22-gallon water tank that is custom-fitted to go over the wheel well
Gray Water Tank with the option to drain water straight to the bottom if possible
Massive farmhouse sink with walnut slab to cover when not being used
Shurflo 3.0 GPM pump with silencing kit and strainer
Hose hookups
Acuva water purification system and drinking water faucet
Nature’s head composting toilet on slide-out drawer
Heat tape for water lines

— Payment Options—
– Open to negotiating price, must sell
– Need to go through a bank for a non-sketchy transaction

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