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, California
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, California
4,469 Miles
Last Modified December 14, 2023

FOR SALE: $265,000
SnoKat the Sprinter
2022 Sprinter 170”, 6 Cylinder Diesel, 4WD
(4,469 miles)
This van was custom built by the infamous professional skier/videographer, Bjarne Salen, of Salen Adventure Vans! And this 2022 Sprinter is the last of its kind—which is a diesel 6-cylinder 4WD. In 2023, Mercedes downgraded to this model to a gas 4-cylinder AWD booo!

We are a family of 3 with a 3-year-old daughter, and the van was designed specifically for our family and lifestyle, with a ski/climb/surf/adventure sports focus. A few unique aspects of the build are the following:

Ski Garage. Bjarne’s trademark design is the ski-garage on the back. While this design slightly decreases the width of the bedspace, we still have a queen-sized bed and sleep very comfortably. The benefit is that we have a garage specifically built to accommodate skis and snow gear, which comfortably holds 3 pairs of adult skis and boots. The garage also includes a spigot, hanging hooks, an electrical outlet, and a heater—so your boots can dry overnight.

Retractable Lower Bed. As shown on the pics, we incorporated an upper and lower room (with a retractable bed), so our daughter has a place to sleep when she’s with us (which is most of the time). [Btw, our daughter LOVES her room.] However, this bed can fold also away and turn the lower bedroom into a massive storage space. The entire floor pan is on a pullout tray, making easy access to anything within the lower bedroom.

Burner + Oven. This is one of our personal favorites: our kitchen has BOTH a stove AND an oven—which we LOVE. We’ve use it often, for cookies, breakfast muffins, asparagus, etc. We are VERY satisfied with the kitchen and feel that we can make pretty much anything we could make in a home kitchen.

Pullout Fridge. We have a large pullout Dometic fridge, which works very well and stores a surprising amount of food.

Shower + Toilet/Seat Combo. Our shower is actually quite spacious. We put the toilet in the shower, which makes for a very comfortable shower chair while showering.

Chairs. All three chairs are captain chairs on a full swivel. Our daughter sits on the back passenger seat, which is rated for child cars seats. We originally wanted to do a 2-seater foldaway seat, but we discovered that would have thrown off the entire floor plan, cut the kitchen in half, etc. So we opted for the CVC 18” Captain Chair (on a full swivel), which is an incredibly nice chair, which fits perfectly in line with the shower, and makes for a very comfortable office chair for those who work from the road (like me). As such, this van works perfectly for a family of 3, or for a couple who wants a back seat for a 3rd passenger (which is always nice).

Woodwork. After vetting a dozen different van conversion companies, we ultimately chose Bjarne—largely due to his exquisite carpentry work, which utilizes live-edge wood for much of the interior. As you can see from the pictures, the interior of the van is truly a work of art.

Please send me a PM if interested.
Full specs below.

• Wool Insulation

• Victron Energy System
• Battery: Smart Li-ion 12.8V 200Ah
• 12/3000/120 MultiPlus Inverter/Charger
• Lynx Smart BMS 500
• Lynx Distributer
• Smart Solar MPPT 100/30
• Orion Smart 12|12-30A Charger
• Smart Battery Protect 100A
• Cerbo GX
• GX Touch 50
• MEGA FUSE 250A – 5 per pkg
• MEGA FUSE 400A – 5 per pkg
• MEGA FUSE 60A – 5 per pkg
• MEGA FUSE 125A – 5 per pkg
• M8 Circular Cable for Li-ion batteries, 2M – 2 per pkg
• RJ-45 UTP Cable – 3M
• VE. Direct Cable – 3M
• Heating Pad
• Solar Panels (Renogy 320w), cables, entry house, fuse, connectors
• LED lights, Switches with dimming function, Outlets

• Water Tank 36G (Northwest Conversions)
• Sink, Gray Water Tank, Foot Pump
• Hot Water Heater

• Separett Tiny
• Vinyl Toilet Cover

• Frigo Stainless Steel Shower
• Nautilus Retractable Shower Door

• Wood Slab Countertop and Table
• Pedestal

• Furrion 3-Burner Gas Oven Stove (Burner + Oven)
• Dometic Fridge (46L) – pullout

• FVC Roof Rack + wind reflector
• FVC Ladder
• FVC Running Boards
• FVC Brush Guard
• Roof Deck

• Maxx Fan Deluxe Remote Control
• Dometic RTX 2000
• Diesel Heater, Espar D4 with flue pipes and Y flap, extra caps

• Sliding Door Window
• Passenger & Driver Door Window
• Windshield

• Swivel Seats (3)—Driver, Passenger, Back Passenger
• CVC 18” Commuter Captain Seat (Swivel)

• Suspension w/ Swaybars (VanCompass)
• Tires – Toyo Open Country A/T III

• Secret Safe
• Pendleton Blanket Bedspace Dividers
• Bug Net
• Headliner for Storage

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