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Lake Havasu
, Arizona
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Lake Havasu
, Arizona
62,055 Miles
Last Modified May 16, 2024

Full description since it got cutoff: 2022 Winnebago Solis Pocket 36A Class B RV (lovingly named Penny) with 62,055 miles and in great condition. It has had zero mechanical problems and runs and drives perfectly, regular oil changes/maintenance. There is a little bit of interior cosmetic damage from just normal wear and tear, but nothing that can’t be fixed, as well as a dent along the top above the sliding door (does not affect function of anything, just cosmetic).

This van has just about every modification/addition that you need, including two VanUp Razor racks installed on both the passenger and driver sides, giving you both a spare tire (VanUp) and an exterior box (VanUp) for additional storage (installed – $3500 for all VanUp parts). A Scout front bumper (Installed – $2350), DRIFTR roof rack (installed – $2,575), and a DRIFTR side ladder (installed $1,300) – all from Backwoods Adventure Mods. also added a Pedal Control to solve the dreaded hesitation, then wallop of power familiar to any van driver.

Everything in Penny works perfectly (fridge, stove, propane, electric, ect.). All heat and stove run off of a 20lb propane tank which lasts a while and works incredibly well. There is a 170 Watt solar panel on the top that gives a significant charge to the batteries when its sunny outside, as well as a second alternator that recharges the batteries while you drive. I’ve included a small inverter that I used to charge my computer or run Starlink.

Penny is only 17ft long, so she fits in normal parking spaces, drives like a car, and does a U-turn like nobody’s business. There is more storage in this van than any other van I’ve lived in. The bed in the back folds up to accomodate bikes or gear or just open things up more. You can also store paddle boards and bikes with the bed down. The dinette seat turns into an extra bed or a day bed to watch the sunset out the sliding door or can stay as a dinette with two seats and a table for working, playing games, or eating dinner. The dinette also has a pull-tested seat belt to sit a third person. I’m 5’9” and have slept on the dinette bed comfortably with the driver’s seat pushed forward. There is a magnetic molle panel that separates underneath the bed from the galley/kitchen (useful for dogs if you want to keep them in the back) and also provides extra hanging storage. Maxxair fan and Colman Mach air conditioner for climate control.

Back up camera, electronic rear view mirror to watch out the back while driving, bluetooth, tow hitch, zip up window covers for complete privacy all around, insulated curtain to separate the cab from the living area that provides blackout from the sun as well as keeps heat/cold out, removable velcro bug nets for sliding door that are magnetic to easily come in and out of, indestructible rubber flooring, cassette toilet, and an additional brand new portable toilet. Gets great gas mileage and can be stealthy for city camping. This is seriously an incredible van that has taken me on so many amazing adventures and allowed me to live mostly off grid this past 1.5 years. More pictures available upon request. Located in Lake Havasu, AZ.

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