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, Texas
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, Texas
158,000 Miles
Last Modified December 19, 2020

Greetings Friends,

Are you ready for the van life? If so, I have an opportunity for you.

My Sweet Van Home needs a new home and a new adventure. If you have been looking to start your own journey and head out on the road this may be an excellent opportunity for you. We have enjoyed this van for the last few years and now are heading for retirement in a different venue. We hate to part with this beauty, but we are now a little more place permanent and want this van home to go to someone who is little younger or, at least, more adventurous than we are now. Our current life style does not allow us to spend anything more than weekends away from home. We are downsizing and staying closer to home these days. Our new life provides an opportunity for you if you are looking to have a van for more long term travel or maybe a bugout vehicle to get you on the road and away from town for an extended stay.

Our van is a well maintained 2006 Ford E-350 high top van. This is the big one for the Ford vans before the major change. This is a 4th generation E-350 and the last of the classic best models before the conversion to the Transit. Its early life was a handicap transport van and was finally converted to a van home for living on the road 2018. It was converted in Florida by professional van conversion company with all light weight material to reduce weight. The van has always been maintained and is in excellent running condition now. It has a recent update and cleaning for for the road ahead. The tires are new with about 5000 miles on them. The air conditioning is in excellent working condition. A new starter was recently added and all else is in excellent condition. It is in short, ready for the road and travel. I would not hesitate to take this on any journey from here. Unfortunately, we just do not travel as much anymore and it needs to find the right person to take it to new places.

The van is outfitted with 200 watts of solar panels on the roof and a relativity new AGM house battery that runs the interior lights and a Maxfan for comfort. There is enough power to run the lights and fan overnight without affecting the charge and Iā€™m sure a refrigerator could be added without running down the house battery without running for a week or more. In any case, the house battery is also changed when the van is running and thus the solar panels boast the power while sitting. In fact, the van has been setting this past month without moving much and the solar power has always maintained the electrical system without running the van for any time.

Please check the photographs to see the inside customization including a bed, cooking area, and lots of storage capabilities. The bed is a fixed bed and sits over a large garage area that is lighted for convenance. The interior is decorated with antique fabrics from India made by Indigenous Gypsy tribes who live in the Rajasthan area of India. The passenger seat is a swivel and really adds room. There is a full blackout curtain to separate the cabin from the living area and custom window blackout shades for all windows. The van is not 4×4, however it is really rugged and sits up with 20 inches of clearance for off road adventure. It is a big truck and can handle the road no matter the condition. On the highway the ride is a smooth as you can get from a E-350 and I have never had problems traveling or riding for longer periods of time. The outside is painted with a bed liner sand color paint with black bottom trim.

If you are interested you are welcome to check it out in person or take it for a ride. Please check out the pictures and ask any questions you need. I just want her to find a geed home.

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