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Saratoga Springs
, Utah
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Saratoga Springs
, Utah
92,000 Miles
Last Modified November 14, 2022

Your next Adventure Awaits!!
This has been a fantastic van, and we have had so many amazing trips! As you can see below we loaded this van up. Some highlights are the 50 gallons of water, I don’t think we have never ran out except on some extended trips where we had to top off the tank due to the length of the trip. The Webasto Duo Top is the best unit out there. Before we put the insulation in we had the van on trips where the overnight temps dropped to 20 degrees and the Webasto kept us so warm. Its super efficient and connected right to the vans diesel tank so you don’t have to worry about carrying fuel for it. It also produces the on demand hot water, which makes taking a shower after a bike ride a dream! The van has plenty of power in the dual deep cycle batteries, and with 400 Watts of solar power on the roof, they charge up fairly quick. Inside with you will find plenty of cabinet and drawer space in the kitchen, with storage and organizers all over the place. There are 3 storage cubbies in the garage, one of those is accessible from the front. Under the sitting bench there is a storage area, and to the end of that are 2 cubbies accessible from the outside when the slider door is open.


· Laminate flooring

· IKEA Cabinets and Counter tops in the kitchen area with lots of storage

· TruckFridge 2.4 CF refrigerator (has small freezer inside)

· Sitting bench with removeable top to access storage underneath

· Cubbies for storage with access from the sliding door

· Full Bed

· Garage area with roughly 18 SF of space. (we have had 2 Mountain Bikes and 2 Road bikes in there at the same time)

· 3 Storage cubbies in the garage for additional storing of small bins or items

· Rubber flooring in garage

· Drivers side and Passenger side Swivel chairs

· Touch Screen Kenwood stereo with Android Auto and Apple Auto, and Garmin navigation

· Rear door organizers from RB Components

· 2 Storage Cabinets from RB Components in bed area

· Flip Down TV with DVD and wireless headsets in bed area

· Bed platform is removeable if you need to haul something larger like a motorcycle


· Two Deep Cycle Optima Marine Batteries for plenty of house power

· 4×100 Watt 12V Renogy Solar Panels with Rover MPPT, provides more then enough charging power to the battery

· Battery Tender

· 1000 Watt Potek Inverter with Remote Switch, for 110V power,

· Dual Fuse Panels with 2 Master disconnects.

· One 110 Standard Outlet (Inverter has a second plug you can use too)

· Plenty of Extra USD charging ports around the van

· Charging Isolator (used to charge house batteries from the vans alternator while you are driving)


· 50 Gallon water tank

· Electric water pump, with good pressure

· Kitchen Sink (with hot and cold)

· Shower out the rear of van (with hot and cold water)

· Hose out back for washing bikes etc.

· Webasto Dual Top 6 Furnace and On demand water heater. Amazing unit that will keep you warm on the coolest of nights.

· Thetford Toilet with removeable cassette to easily dump sewage


· Factory Sprinter Roof Rails
– Routine Maintenance up to date

· AT&T Mobile Hotspot with roof antenna (service not included)

· Insulated Walls and Ceiling

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