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, Canada
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, Canada
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Last Modified November 29, 2021

Hello there!

My wife and I are selling out beloved Sprinter van conversion. We lived in it for 4 months full time, then life changed and it was time to move back into a house again.

Who is this van good for? It is perfect for 1-2 people who want to live and travel off-grid where ever they feel, while being able to work remotely. You will have all the conveniences of home like a full kitchen and bathroom in a 144′ Sprinter van complete with a rustic wooden design to it.

This van conversion is 100% ready to go. All you need to do is move your belongings in and drive away into your new vanlife!

– Cellular Antenna (increases the cellular connection with up to 2 bars)
– Own van WiFi and internet capability (data plan and Sim card is not included)
– Modular table for best working conditions
– 200AH Lithium Iron batteries
– Propane oven and stove with 3 burners
– 300W solar panel
– 3 Ways to charge your van (Solar, Shore, Alternator)
– Nature’s Head composting toilet
– Adjustable shower head
– Hot and cold water on demand
– Full sink with tap and filtered drinking water tap
– Double bed
– Refrigerator and freezer
– Front and back camera on rear view mirror
– Bike rack for 2 bikes
– Charging cable and drinking water hoses
– And more…!

We are willing to make a trade!

Interested? Head over here and check out more about the van and see a tour of the van!

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