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, Colorado
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, Colorado
50,000 Miles
Last Modified December 17, 2022

My Triple Knob Syncro Westfalia Weekender will be arriving in Boulder Colorado Wednesday, July 8th for its 50K mile maintenance check up and prep for sale. After which, it will remain in Boulder for sale.


Currently driving her back from three states away to the VW Mastermind that built her…Lucas at WildWesty in Boulder Colorado. Once he’s gone through her end to end, she’ll be for sale. (Technically for sale right now but she will end up in Boulder either way for her check up.)

Update: Just made the trip from So Cal to Monroe and Moab UT. Grand Junction to Gunnison, then Salida, and from there on to Boulder CO. Not a hiccup.

Why the drive from California to Colorado?!  Impeccable workmanship.
This is actually the second Syncro Westfalia that I have had Lucas build up for me. The first took me to Panama and back over the course of almost three years beginning in 2008. While on that trip, I had a lot of time to think about what I would want my next rig for World Overland Travel to be like. I decided on the Syncro Westy Weekender so that I could arrange my interior the way I pleased. I started looking for one before I had even returned and it took me 5 years to find a solid rust free stock Syncro Westy Weekender that Lucas could work with. They really are that rare. I purchased it from the second owner, and it had always been a clean Colorado vehicle.

And with that said, here are some of the key stats of the build…
~1987 Factory Wolfsburg Westfalia Syncro Weekender in Titan Red
~Triple Knob…Trans and lockers ALL rebuilt at time of resto
~2.5 Wild Westy Subaru 165HP (#NotCALegal) Less than 50k miles
~New Pop Top 3 Stage Paint
~Propex Heater
~AC by Boulder Hydraulic
~GW Big Brakes
~Fox Adjustable Shocks
~GW Skid Plate
~GW Rear Hitch
~GW Front Hitch
~GW Spring Lift
~GW Exterior mount WITH TABLE
~GW Interior Table Mount
~LED Interior Lights
~LED Exterior Lights
~HiLift Jack
~H4 Headlights
~Terra Wagen Fender Flares
~Warn Zeon8 Winch with remote
~GW Rear and Front Big Bumper, Tire Carrier, Jerry Can Swing Away
~Reverse spotlight
~Seatbelt Eyebolts and Long Throw Seatbelt Catch
~Lots of custom ordered Gary Lee racking. These front/rear high rise bars hold half a dozen surfboards. The rear roof rack can hold large dive duffles and is equipped to lock in two bikes off the back with an additional two on the back hitch rack.
~Custom Front Luggage Rack Riser…This incredible adaptation allows you to carry nearly twice what the original rack would. I will be including a photo of the custom  secure tarp that I used to cover the area. The sun got to it after 6 years so it won’t be included.
~Roof Racked Road Shower
~Fiamma F45S Awning
~Derek Drew CV900 Custom Syncro Vanagon Wheels…Unobtainium! This was actually an oversight as I planned to keep them forever just in case I built another Syncro in the future…if there are other wheels you like better, I’ll be happy to take these back to California as checked luggage and make a price adjustment 😉
~Solar Film Portable 80 Watt System with Secondary House Battery
~Shifter Storage Console…a must have!
~Auxillary LP tank by Manchester with interior hose adapter
~ Also included are all the extra items seen stored under the rear bench seat…fuses and bulbs and filters and other back up items Lucas recommended I keep handy.
~And of course I am sure I have left a few upgrades out…

~Resto cost plus upgrades was $45k+/- (NOT inclusive of the actual purchase of the van to start with.) For fail safe travel, though not needed at the time, I had the Trans rebuilt, and a new rebuilt front Diff Lock installed. Thus the Triple Knob status. All restoration/upgrades were done at original mileage of 180K. I have only put about 7K miles a year on it since then.

*Resale Value & The Always Important ‘Z’ and ‘G’: You’ll note that the VIN starts with WV2ZB and a little later includes ‘HG’. That Z is important because it denotes that this is an original Factory Westfalia…And the G denotes it as a Factory Syncro. This is what will always keep your resale value higher than aftermarket Westy conversions.

Needs as of Pre Wild Westy Inspection:
Body paint is solid and shiny with dimples here and there and two small wear spots that have remained unchanged in my 7 years of ownership. Also recently I had the top pulled and professionally painted due to sun fade. This was a three stage paint match. Even though the top was off, what I DIDN’T do was replace the original canvas. Here is why: There are loads of canvas choices out there. Even one to match the color of the van. Some are hemp, some cotton, some acrylic etc. I figured the new owner could decide that.
Tires: Viable but needs new ones. This is yet another personal choice that I wanted to leave up to the buyer. The spare however is new and a match to the others and though there is a little more road noise, I really enjoyed the performance of the Goodyear Duratracs.

*Once Lucas at Wild Westy has completed inspection and any necessary repairs, the list will include those things as well and will be available to the buyer.

PS:  *If you don’t end up in the seat of this amazing Syncro, and you want everything done right to another, I would trust no one more than Lucas to rep owner and build your dream VW Camper.

More pics available in a link. Shoot your questions with a phone number on over via email. I will follow up with a phone call.

Happy Trails Friends~

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