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The availability of overnight parking for camper vans varies depending on the country, state, or city you find yourself in. However, several general options exist, including campsites, RV parks, BLM land, street parking, private land, and public parking lots like Walmart or certain casinos.

Explore these common choices for overnight parking with your campervan:

Campsites/RV parks: These designated areas, both free and paid, cater specifically to camping needs, offering amenities such as restrooms, showers, and electrical hookups.

BLM land: Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land presents numerous appealing free camping options, often providing greater privacy, seclusion, and picturesque views compared to paid campsites. Note that stays on BLM land usually have a limit of 14 days.

Private land: Platforms like Hipcamp, Airbnb, and Harvest Hosts showcase various enticing options on privately owned land. These spots typically require advance booking and offer enhanced privacy compared to public campgrounds.

Street parking: Some cities permit overnight parking for campervans on the street, but specific regulations may exist concerning the duration of stay, vehicle size, and location. It is crucial to check local laws and regulations beforehand to avoid any untimely disturbances.

Public/private car parks: Certain establishments such as Walmart and select casinos allow overnight parking for campervans. It’s advisable to inquire with staff members for permission. Many casinos are accommodating, especially if you patronize their services, and the same can apply to restaurants in smaller towns. Simply approach the manager, express your intentions, and offer to support their business by enjoying food or drinks.

By referring to this comprehensive guide, you can navigate the diverse options available for parking your camper van overnight.



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