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, South Carolina
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, South Carolina
35,800 Miles
Last Modified April 10, 2024

I’m ready to be roasted alive with all kinds of comments but have to start somewhere.
Ok I’ll try to keep it a short story I promise.
Me and my wife bought a $400 1982 Chevy RV thinking about restoring it and hitting the road… Two years later after so much work and loosing count of how much we put into it we finished it, traveled to Florida for a month and when we got back home the wife said she was done!
The original idea was to do full time live in it so the rig is self sufficient (except for the water obviously) but also has the capability to be at a RV park hooked up (except sewer because it uses composting, and just creates gray waters) but you could have endless hot water showers with the
on-demand water heater using shore power dough the solar array is more than plenty for any kind of off gridding, just less showering haha.

I’ll make a list of what is new and rebuild in it but the short version is “everything”.

-from the frame up built in aluminum, frame and exterior panels, spray foam insulation and plywood panels interior and furniture.
– 800w of solar panels (rich solar kit), 412Ah battery bank (2 106Ah SOK batteries), 2000w Inverter (Renogy), 40A DCtoDC charger (Renogy) and a 30A Victron Energy AC charger.
– New “NovaKool” refrigerator with freezer
– New “Nature’s head” composting toilet
– New 2 burner propane stove
– 2 New captain chairs seats (they both swivel to the back)
– Shower
– Convertible table that could be used for 2 or 4 person
– 350 V8 Engine fully rebuilt UPGRADED WITH FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM (“Holly Sniper EFI”) upgraded with Serpentine belt and all the modern accessories, new radiator and electric fans
– 400TH transmission fully rebuilt
– brand new brakes all the way around (including all the cylinders and booster)
– new “SureCall” cell signal booster
– new “Maxxair” fan
– a quick connection in the wall to hook up a new “Camco Olimpian Wave 3” propane heater (included)
– also there is a big storage compartment on the back (exterior) and a motorcycle or bicycle rack that swings away to access door.

I could be getting into the smaller things like every screw and rivet are stainless steel but let’s just stop here and say there is a YouTube channel where the whole process is shown!

To my humble opinion these campervan or RV is a better product than any sold brand new by the mayor brands out there (I’ve worked on them and I know how cheaply they are made) with that said…

My asking price is $50,000

Yes is a 1982 Chevy van…
With the most popular engine and transmission combo in the history of GM where parts are everywhere (very affordable) and mechanics work on them eyes closed (all over the world) and the coach part is a 2022 brand new product!

Thanks for reading so much, I hope you like it!

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