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, Arizona
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, Arizona
129,700 Miles
Last Modified April 28, 2024

Hey yall! I purchased this unique, undercover sleeper Honda Odyssey in June of 2022 from a mechanic of 23 years in Texas with 111020 miles on it. The seller claimed that he had replaced everything in it mechanically and it was in pristine condition. He agreed to take it to the Honda dealership for an inspection and the dealership called and verified his claims! I purchased a flight from Florida to Texas and drove it home later that week. He had an RV type in his driveway but his HOA did not approve so he built this van out himself at his work over the course of a year. Him and his wife used it to travel during covid lockdowns and needed to sell it to help fund a move out of state.

The intended use of the van was for me to travel from Florida around the southeast to go to music festivals for the summer. I traveled between Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee and back to Florida. Unbeknownst to me was that I would meet a girl right before my summer started. Instead of staying gone from Florida and enjoying all of these states for the four months, I would travel to a festival and make a return trip to home to Florida in order to work on this new relationship. It really took off so I skipped a few festivals and now her and I travel together for work (healthcare). We moved out of Florida to Arizona leaving her car and bringing my truck and the van. She used the van locally until she was able to purchase a car. Now that she has her own vehicle, we need to sell the van as our time in Arizona is up in May. We took a contract in Montana where she purchased her car and when we came back to Arizona, we had to dolly the van which made for a lot of added expenses and a little pain in the neck. We are ready to part ways with the van and need it gone by May.

I am in no way mechanically inclined when it comes to vehicles. I am going to post the original sellers details of what was in the post when I bought it so you can see what I saw. Then I will add the updates since purchase. Fortunately, the seller was amazing and told me to save his number and call him anytime I had a question or an issue so I have been able to chat with him about things. I will do my best to keep that line of contact if you have any questions that I am unable to answer. There is also a warranty at Discount Tires that can be used if you give his phone number. I have used it once successfully for the replacement of a tire! *The picture showing the commode and cooler are from the seller’s driveway when I purchased. Not currently in van, details below*

Here is from his post… Van build with
-30 gallon fresh water tank
-2000 watt inverter
-DC to DC charger
100 ah battery
-30 amps transfer switch
-water pump
-110 volt 1/2 ton AC vented through floor for use with shore power
-lots of storage
-shore power adapter through rear bumper

All of this work following was done by him at 95k miles…
-brand new a/c compressor OEM
-condense OEM
-radiator, all hoses, thermostat
-all 4 new tires
-timing and drive belt
-front and rear brakes and rotors
-front and rear struts and shocks
-rear spring helper
-add transmission cooler, filter, flush transmission
-lower control arms bushings, rear trailer arms, sway bar link
-both axle. tune up. pcv valve
-new alternator and starter
-all engine mounts
-VCM delete installed
-roof rack
-all lights switched to LED

I can send you a screenshot of these messages as English is not his first language and most of this language is unfamiliar to me. I also have the Carfax from before I purchased it. As well as the papers from the Honda dealership that did the pre buy inspection. Now for a list of things that I have had serviced as well as cool things that were not listed in his post

-rearview mirror has a backup and forward facing camera with memory card slot
-if van is bumped, camera can turn on and record if you place a memory card in it. Otherwise it dings and turns on allowing you to see in front of you and behind.
-oil changes have been regular from a service station
-at 123k miles, had the thermostat replaced
-had oil changed two weeks ago and mechanic said the rear shock was leaking so both shocks are being replaced next week
-there is a gauge next to the steering wheel showing the alternator power. A switch is in circuit to allow for the alternator to charge the shore battery while driving. Very handy install as I mainly boon docked.
-comes with Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Inverter Generator. I never used it though. There is also an attachment for the ball hitch that the generator can sit on for transport.
-just paid for a professional vehicle detail too
-comes with silver reflective shades for all windows as well as a little air mattress that fits perfectly
-small fan and heater

The build out originally had a commode and 12 volt cooler. I left them both in Florida when we came to Arizona as to save space. I can have them shipped to you for a small fee. Feels like there’s a couple other details that are worthy of mentioning though they are not coming to mind. I have lots of additional photos and will be available to video chat if you are interested. I can also reach out to the gentleman that I purchased from to ask him any question you may have. There is a minor damage from an accident that the OS had on the left rear panel. Hardly noticeable to me. My girlfriend also backed into another vehicle while the generator attachment was in place and it caused a slight amount of paint crinkle. This post allows for 5 photos so please reach out for more! Thanks for taking the time to check out my van, I know she’s ready to hit the road again and help make more memories! You can reach me at 503-830-2237

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