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fort Lauderdale
, Florida
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fort Lauderdale
, Florida
47,000 Miles
Last Modified May 2, 2024

Florida: **New Conversion Basics**, ready for your final touches!
^Runs Excellent, huge discount since i urgently need money and can’t afford to keep it…^
Low Miles, High Roof 1500,136wb w/Stealth Solar
All walls are framed, and all wood is primed and waterproof!
You can easily attach cabinets to frames behind walls, they are marked, and I have tone photos for your reference!
The stuff on top counter is easily removed (i can take it) so you can put a backsplash and finishes…
*Under extended warranty,
Drives amazing, super smooth!
I drove almost straight from California to the East Coast,
averaging 19 to 22 MPG!
^VERY MOTIVATED^ to sell now that my move is accomplished, since low in funds and can’t afford next payment… Make an offer!!

I put LOTS efforts in a strong high quality Electric Power Bank set up:
*New 4000AH lithium-ion batteries
+60amp DC/DC charger
+2000watts pure sine inverter
+Stealth 400watts Solar panels
**All under Renogy’s 2 year warranty**
*Electric Bus bars have available ports for your A/C or lights you wish to install!

*3 layers of insulation

*Brand new 3.1 cubic fridge
*Ceramic cooktop
*New stainless-steel sink (still needs plumbing)
*USB water dispenser (temporarily on sink…)
*USB powered shower
*new toilet(still in box)
*counters w/ large drawers
*Bed that extends w/ extra large drawers under it
*military graded water containers
*Counters are metal desks, strong but light weight!

I stopped in Texas to visit family and took everything out and put on new “Extra thick Vinyl sheet floors” that run up the wall in mostly one seamless piece;
Did it this way for easier clean and to prevent dirt/spills from slipping into edges.. always have waterproofing and mold resistance as mayor priority!

Also, everything is built in a way you can easily dissemble if you need to!
Van originally has built-in “nuts and bolts” I used to secure some frames, so you can easily unscrew them and put them back on!

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