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, Arkansas
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, Arkansas
2,800 Miles
Last Modified April 13, 2022

Off-grid, low mileage, non-toxic materials, flexible layout – conversion in progress

2019 Ford Transit 350 DRW – high roof, extended length

We are motivated to sell. Make an offer! We may be able to deliver almost anywhere in the US!

This van is perfect for those wanting the van life but who are intimidated by the electric and propane systems – all of that is done for you (and approved by electricians!), but the interior is ready for the layout and finishing of your choice!

We built this van with a lot of love and attention, intending to live in it, but we had a baby, then moved, and life plans changed. We built it to be off-grid, low-EMF, and low-VOC, including lots of premium product choices that don’t off gas or smell terrible. We are really sad to sell it before turning it into our dream van, but we just don’t have the time to finish it and aren’t able to live in it full-time as we planned.

This van has a TON of solar power and a huge propane tank (and heater) mounted underneath – perfect for those wanting to take it off grid in four seasons. You can also connect to shore power to charge the batteries. We have mounted a 4’ CB radio for easy convoy communication (not pictured).

Because it’s dual rear wheel, it can take a lot of weight, so you do not have to be worried about what additions you’re adding.

It is in-progress, so the inside layout is customizable to fit what you want and need. We are willing to share our plans for finishing it with you if you’re interested or curious. We even have many of the materials purchased (including the refrigerator, stove, sink, wood stove, shower pan, wall and ceiling boards, insulation, bed frame, etc.) and ready to install into the van if you are interested!

Details: 2019 Ford Transit van (less than 3k miles), model 350 HR DR Cargo Van, high roof, extended length, dual wheel rear axle, 2-wheel drive, gas engine, 10,360-lb DRW GVWR, white

Assessed value: $100k + (we can provide assessment documents), but we’re asking much less. We are motivated to sell, so you can make an offer! The van itself is worth about $40k. We’ve put A LOT of time and money into this van. The electrical system and the windows alone cost us almost $20k!

Everything listed below is 100% completed unless otherwise noted.

Special features:
— Off-grid capability (fully functional off-grid electrical system ready to go and inspected by an electrician!)
— Panoramic view out of 8 windows (including 4 large, upgraded with sliding windows with bug net)
— Natural home building materials (zero or low-VOC formaldehyde-free plywood, glues, sealants, paints, solid wood where possible, etc.)
— Careful rust-prevention techniques applied (premium stainless steel options used when possible, primer, painting every hole cut in metal, plus nuts used instead of drilling into metal (when possible))
— CB radio with 4’ flexible, roof-mounted antenna (not pictured)
— Low – EMF components and wiring configuration (such as low-EMF solar controllers, wire twisting to reduce magnetic field EMF)

Energy system – power generation – fully functional
— Four roof-mounted solar panels, 720 Watts

Low-EMF Energy system – fully functional
— 4X 100 Ah Lithium batteries
— Protective battery box, fusing, wiring
— Custom-built electrical panel under bed (in garage)
— Fuses, circuit breakers, switches, monitor
— Low-EMF solar charge controllers
— “Shore power” battery charger hook-up from outside van
— Pure sine wave inverter (upgraded version)
— Enclosure & cover for electrical panel with venting

Electrical control panel – fully functional
— DC breaker/switch panel (capable of adding more appliances)
— AC breaker/switch panel (capable of adding more appliances)*
— Dimmer light switches (functional, can add more lighting)
— Thermostat for propane heater
— Battery monitor (optional to include)

Lighting – functional
— LED lighting in ceiling 50%

Heating system – fully functional
— Under-carriage professionally mounted 60-lb propane tank, using stainless steel and — rust prevention techniques
— Propane remote fill line, fittings
— Under-carriage professionally mounted propane heater, using stainless steel and rust prevention techniques
— Cubic mini stove with flashing, flu, and accessories (optional to include)

Communication – fully functional (not pictured)
— CB radio – mounted to dash with 4’ flexible antenna mounted to roof rack

Body Modifications – fully functional
— Custom-built 80/20 aluminum roof rack with special attention for rust-proofing
— side panels, rear door cut out & windows installed (four windows come with upgraded large sliding windows with optional bug net)
— Maxxfan with variable speed ventilation
— front wheel well liners and mud guards
— rear wheel mud guards
— 80/20 roof rack for solar, awning mounting
— custom, professionally built front wind fairing on roof rack to reduce gas mileage and noise (not pictured)

Thermal insulation (optional to include insulation to finish)
— ceiling insulation 75%
— wall insulation 50%
— floor insulation

— Floor frame, insulation, and subfloor
— Luxury vinyl, low-VOC, water-proof laminate flooring
— Sealed around flooring for complete waterproofing
— Aluminum edging 0% (optional to include materials)

Dining area
— wall mount TV screen 25% (optional to include)
— electrical services panel
— Floor mounts for extra seat
— Custom built 80-20 2-person sliding safety passenger seat with storage 50% (not pictured – optional to include seat and seat belts)

Kitchen facilities
— 12v off-grid capable Vitrifigo refrigerator (under warranty) (optional to include)
— Stainless steel Ruvati sink (optional to include)
— Cooktop stove (optional to include)

— Pex piping and fittings (optional to include)
— Prototype, portable 5-gallon water tank with tubing (optional to include – we can also explain the system we found to be most efficient for storing/transporting water)
— Water pump (optional to include)
— Water heater (optional to include)

Sleeping facilities
— Queen-sized bed frame (garage underneath) 90% (slats are ready, just not attached in photos; we can complete before sale)

Bath facilities
— 32”x24” shower pan (optional to include)

Storage facilities
— Custom, large overhead cabinet
— Large “garage” storage space under bed

Interior finishing
— roof vent & exhaust fan
— wood paneling for walls – 25% (optional to include remainder of wood)
— wood paneling for ceiling – 50% (optional to include remainder of wood)

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