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, Oregon
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, Oregon
83,000 Miles
Last Modified March 24, 2024

2019 Dodge Ram promaster 2500


2019 Ram Promaster 2500 with double slider doors and RV ready prep package.

83k miles
14.5 mpg

I’ve loved this van and lived in it off and on for 3.5 years. I recently graduated from grad school and nursing school, so I need to sell the van to pay for student loans. I’m motivated to sell and am considering reasonable offers. I have a lien on the van. The credit union said they would allow a buyer to take over the loan. If you are interested, send me a message and I’ll let you know which credit union it is.

The vehicle is a 2019 Ram 2500. Basic interior dimensions are​ cargo length of 146 inches, cargo width of 75.6 inches and cargo height of 77.1 inches.

The basic construction design was selected using a collaboration between standard residential building best-practices and maritime construction techniques. The goal of the design was to create a living, RV-style interior that was built to a higher quality standard, using weight-conscious, marine-grade and custom cabinetry features to craft a unique “homely” interior.


All points of contact between the new construction and existing substructure of the vehicle are achieved using chemical and mechanical fasteners. The subfloor was installed with 1×2” firring strips – or nailers – over the ribs of the floor of the van interior, these were adhered using construction-grade flooring adhesive and self-piercing sheet metal screws. We were intentional in fastening only in known position to prevent protrusion of any fasteners through the vehicle floor creating an unintentional vehicle body penetration.

The subfloor consists of 3x 3⁄4” ACX grade plywood adhered and fastened over and to- the firring aforementioned. ​Foamular R-5 ​1” insulation board was installed under the subfloor and between the firring strips. Together, these components created a suitable building platform as well as provides insulation for the subfloor without compromising headspace. Tongue-and-groove laminate flooring was installed by the owner without complication.

A short ~36” stud wall was installed using mechanical and adhesive fasteners with 1”x1.5” studs on 16” centers. The wall was then sheathed in 1⁄4” luan plywood on the vehicle facing aspect and 19/32” plywood on the interior facing aspect. This was secured to the subfloor using adhesive and mechanical fasteners and squared to the subfloor. Due to the concave nature of the van walls, this created dimensions and true contact point for further construction, cabinet installation and a point of reference for future design.

Wool insulation and ​Great Stuff Gap Filling ​foam insulation was installed in the skeletal structure of the van interior by the owner and gap-filling foam spray insulation was used where the wool insulation could not be placed or secured – the true R-value is unknown due to the combination, however the wool insulation is rated at 3.6 R-value.

The bed platform was installed using mechanical and adhesive fasteners. Custom engineered beams were installed between the stud walls and 3⁄4” ACX plywood was installed overtop to create a platform that is both weight bearing and lightweight in design. It was tested under load of a gross weight in excess of ~400lbs without compromise.

Custom cabinets were built using dado, finger-joint methods with mechanical and adhesive fasteners. Cabinets were designed to fit the needs of the owner and to custom fit the appliances chosen. 1⁄3” Baltic Birch was selected for cabinet construction and built to owner specifications.

The electrical system works from the Goal Zero – Yeti 1400 series solar generator. This unit operates with multiple charging inputs and multiple output options. The unit utilizes Lithium-Ion batteries and is stored in a dry, secured area under the platform with three-points of contact to the subfloor. Three (3) 110v outlets were wired into the Goal Zero charger with no modifications to the unit using three grounded (3) 5’ 14/3AWG wire runs.

The fresh water system is self-contained; utilizing a 10 gallon freshwater NSF tank, ​Shurflo Aqua King II 3.0GPM​ fresh water pump and a remove-able gray-water tank under the sink. All connections were made using ​Sharkbite a​nd threaded NPT connectors with teflon tape where indicated. All 12v wire connections around potentially wet-service areas were made using waterproof, heat shrink connectors and/or secured in waterproof junction boxes.

The LP systems runs from an 11lb LP tank secured in a vented locker in the rear of the vehicle. The LP system connects to the stove with a specified regulator per manufacturer recommendations and shut off valve. Additionally, safety precautions: carbon monoxide alarm, smoke alarm and fire extinguishers are installed in multiple locations in the vehicles living space.

Lighting consists of eight (8) 12v LED puck lighting installed in ceiling batons. Each light utilizes ~0.27”amps at 12v. Total amperage draw is approximately 2.16amps under full draw. All connections are made using rated connectors and wire gauge under American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) guidelines for 12v wiring.

Additional Components:

– Added one 100W and one 175W solar panel
– Added swivel seats in both cab seats
– Switched out fire alarm to include one that has a gas detector
– Added Propex heater
– Custom Stelletek window covers for windshield, both front windows, slider door window and back windows. The back window covers include pockets
– Custom magnetic blackout fan covers
– Behind the seat organizers for both cab seats
– Option to keep SimpliSafe alarm system with glass break sensor and door alarms
– Option to keep insulated cooler
– Option to keep Hotspot for internet connection

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