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, California
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, California
30,000 Miles
Last Modified April 16, 2024

This van build is of exceptional quality. Professionally built by a fine carpenter with 20 years experience. The build is elegant, intuitive, beautiful and very durable. One year warranty offered on the integrity of the build. Valued by Boulder Campervans at $125k. It’s van season, motivated to sell!

-Bike Garage and low platform.

-Stove inset in top drawer.

-Board/Boat storage on top with no climbing.

-Headroom 6’6″

-No propane, all solar powered.

-Very light build; lends to great drivability.

-Winter/ski ready

-Great for Surfing/Biking

2019 Ford Transit High roof extended length. Ecoboost engine. Ford warranty still valid, 30k bumper to bumper and 60k powertrain. Limited slip differential.

Exceptional attention to detail and full utilization of the interior space. The storage is extensive and easy to use. The headroom is 6’6″ and the floor is insulated as well as the ceiling. The storage and layout facilitate a clean and organized vanlife.

All cabinetry and paneling is constructed out of Baltic Birch plywood. The walls and ceiling are covered with 1/8 inch panel representing a major weight savings in the van. All cabinetry is made with ½” and ¼ “ply. All said the van build is very weight conscious. All door and drawers are soft close and have marine latches to insure positive closure and stability.

The kitchen is a focal point of the van. The induction Stove is inset into the top drawer of cabinet. Major space savings. The pantry is large. The fridge is a Dometic CRX-1110U, it is 3.7 cubic feet, removeable freezer. Open condiment/spice shelving above the countertop is a phenomenal organizational tool.

The bike storage system is another key feature of the van. Unlike the typical ‘garage’ which dictates a very tall sleeping platform this van has a ‘bike canal.’ This lowers the platform by 12″ and makes the garage space super efficient for two bikes. This leaves larger than normal storage area under the platform; it is truly innovative.

Webasto Air Top 40 for heat keeps the van comfortable in below zero conditions.

The Rack on top is a Gentili G2000 slide tray ladder rack. It is rigged up for surfboards or paddleboard/boat/canoe/kayak, or other storage. It’s weight capacity is 150 lbs. The rack articulates off the rear of the van, placing the items at ground level. No need to climb on top of the van for anything.

Nothing is overlooked.

All that you will need to hit the road is pots, pans and bedsheets.

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