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Hood River
, Oregon
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Hood River
, Oregon
7,000 Miles
Last Modified March 21, 2024

Seat 4 Sleep 4!
Engineered to be flexible and simple. Modular, professionally built, with a 3 yr warranty.
Ask @vanlifecollective.hoodriver about upgrades and custom builds.

Video here…

How is Jade IV different than other vans?
Modular — the benches come out on thumb screws, for when you want to haul more gear or plywood. The upper cabinets can be moved within minutes. The galley can come out within minutes. The battery system can be unplugged and removed (harder to “move” given the wiring, but all are on quick disconnect plugs)
The Elevation Station — raising bed
VLC’s Juicebox: a removable battery system with 200AH of Battleborn Batteries, 3000W inverter, Shore Power, 400W Solar, and 50A Alternator Charging.
The Booth Bed: Turn your dinette into a second bed, and enjoy plenty of space to spread out.
89 Qt Indel B Fridge, 13x13x 9inch sink
Freedman Seat flips out of the way
Van Essentials Window Covers
Custom Made Roof Rack
270 degree awning
Surf Pole and Ladder with J-Hooks to carry boards/sups
Front and Rear light bars
Insulation and the invisible things:
At the VLC, we build to last. We use a combination of Thinsulate and Havelock wool, so that locations with more natural moisture have anti-mold wool. Sound dampening on the walls and ceiling helps with the noise, and the floor is covered in minicell foam for sound and heat insulation.
We are a product of the PNW — meaning we know it’s wet and plan accordingly. Every hidden wood surface has been treated against mold, and care has been taken to paint every hole made in the conversion of this van.
This van comes with a 3 year warranty. We value quality craftsmanship and stand behind out products.
The van has 7000 miles on it, and has been recently serviced by Ford to be up to date with their voluntary recall (a fix of the HVAC programming).
Interior Standing Height? 6’5″
-Can we add AC — yes, recommend the Dometic RTX 2000. Would need to mod the roof rack, all in would be about $5500
-Can we add more batteries? Yes — either swap for a single 360AH in the same compartment (~$2300), or add batteries under the bench (stick to battle born 100ah @~$900/100ah. Trade storage space for power)
-Can we add a water heater? Yes, either back door propane ($850 to run hot to sink) or an electric Bosch 2.5 gal under the sink ($750).
In both cases, I would recommend a larger undermount fresh tank. Add a 22 Gal for $1300.
-Winterization? The current setup with the jerry can is resilient to cold. To prevent freezing, disconnect the tank and run the pump dry. Can be done in 5 sec daily, then used again later. Designed for low risk of cracks/leaks in case you forget.

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