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, New York
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, New York
108,000 Miles
Last Modified April 6, 2021


This is a fully-off-grid stealth camping machine! We have been living in it full time for several years and are only selling because we’re converting another vehicle and don’t have room for two. This thing will take you on any adventure you have in mind and then some!

The biggest differences between this and your standard RV are the stealth factor and the ability to be totally self-contained. We’ve camped everywhere from Walmarts to truck stops, from gyms to residential streets, and we have never once been asked to move because it’s almost impossible to tell this thing is an RV without looking inside. Plus, this beast has all the comforts of some of the nicest sprinter van campers on the market without needing any campground hookups (though you’ll be fully equipped to frequent campgrounds if you wish!) With substantial onboard water, a large battery bank and solar power, plus a generator, this thing is fully equipped and ready to hit the road. We’ve lived in it for almost 4 years, the setup inside this camper is tried and true!

At a Glance

108,xxx of mostly highway miles
20’ long – fits in a standard parking space
450ah AGM house battery bank with Renogy monitor
400 watts of roof-mounted solar from Renogy
Additional 200 watt foldable solar panel
5000 watt inverter
2200 watt Craftsman Generator
Isolator setup to charge house batteries from vehicle alternator
2 Maxxair roof vent fans & 5000 BTU rooftop AC unit
Built-in fridge and microwave
15” inset stainless steel sink
Wet bath with shower and toilet
Camplux Water Heater
15 gallon black & 30 gallon grey waste water tanks
30 gallons of fresh water storage onboard
Booth with 2 bench seats
Platform bed with “garage” storage underneath
22” TV above bed
Floor to ceiling closet and headboard cabinet
Almost 6’ of vertical space in the living area
In-depth specs & info:

Mechanical Pros

Overall, the van is in great shape with no known mechanical problems. When we purchased it in 2017 it only had 37,000 on it, so we have personally put most of the miles on this vehicle, the vast majority of which have been easy highway miles.
GMC 5.7L 350 V8 engine, a very common and very easy to work on engine. If a mechanic can fit this vehicle in their garage bay, they can work on this van (no specialized RV mechanics or expensive Mercedes dealers for you!)
Radiator, water pump, and heater core all replaced in the last year. Tune-up performed this past December.
We’ve never put off a repair that needed doing. Over the last three years, we’ve replaced the brake pads, calipers and rotors, the brake master cylinder, the alternator, the starter, the shocks, the muffler, most of the exhaust system, and more. Service records for the time we’ve owned the van are available.
The van has an upgraded stereo that features a CD player, aux cable input, and Bluetooth connectivity.
The van also has an isolator that allows the vehicle’s alternator to charge the house batteries while the engine is running.

Mechanical Cons

The speedometer and 12v outlet do not work. We have instituted simple workarounds (GPS with speedometer and 110 to 12v converter) that will come with the vehicle.
Cosmetic damage – some of the work lights are damaged but do not impede the vehicle from passing inspection in NY where the van is registered. There are a few scrapes and scratches outside the vehicle as well, but are purely cosmetic. Close up pictures of these are available upon request.

The Living Space

On the interior, the vehicles’ box is 12’ long by 8’ wide and 71” tall, and the overall exterior length of the vehicle is 20’. Big enough to be comfortable and for most people to stand up, but small enough to fit in one parking space.
Four 100 watt solar panels on the roof & solar charge controller from Renogy.
An additional 200 watt foldable solar panel that can be quickly and easily set up while camping.
450 amp hours of AGM deep cycle batteries to power all appliances / lights / outlets / etc in the coach, plus a Renogy battery monitor to show your power draw, the current state of charge, and power remaining in hours.
5000 watt Jupiter inverter (bigger than you will ever need, runs everything from hair dryers to electric heaters)
Appliances include mini fridge with freezer, microwave, and a Coleman 2 burner camp stove that operates on 1lb propane canisters.
Also includes a SureCall cell signal booster with an Omnidirectional antenna – trust me, this is a game-changer for any camping enthusiasts and you’re going to love having it. Go anywhere and stay connected!
5000 BTU roof-mounted air conditioner (for use with shore power, you “can” run this off the batteries through the inverter, but the power draw is too big to do so for long.) Gets the living space very cold very fast!
2 MaxxAir roof fan vents for great air circulation (fan over the bed has a rain cover, operates in any weather)
30 gallon fresh water tank (we can stay off-grid for about 7-10 days in the desert with this setup)
Camplux propane instant water heater for the shower, also runs on 1lb canisters (installed with quick disconnect hose connectors for easy setup and storage)
Wet bath with Thetford RV toilet – flushes via foot pedal into the black tank
15 gallon black tank for the toilet and 30 gallon grey tank for the shower and sink (again, about 7-10 days off-grid with this setup). Standard RV sewer hookups, empty at any dump station in the US with included hose (easier and cleaner than you probably think!), also allows you to camp at full-hookup campsites in RV parks.
Memory foam mattress on a raised platform with plenty of “garage” storage underneath.
22” TV mounted above the bed with HDMI port for your Roku/Chromecast/ etc, and DVD player
Headboard/closet with an integrated outlet, with 2 110v outlets and 2 USB ports to charge your devices.
Floor to ceiling closet with ample room storage room for clothes and other taller necessities.
2 seat booth with storage space under one bench and permanent table.
Mr. Buddy indoor-safe propane heater that runs on 1lb propane canisters will come with the vehicle (you can also run an electric heater off the generator with no problem).
2200 watt craftsman generator, carried on the bumper – just plug in your shore power cable and you’ll get about 10 hours of power on one tank of gas.
Built-in battery charger that can be run on both shore and generator power to charge your house batteries.
This also comes with a built-in 6500 watt Onan commercial generator – however, it does NOT work. The craftsman provides more power than we typically ever need when camping with a generator. The Onanfires up and runs great but is not giving any AC output. Repair, sell, or leave it where it is as we have done – it’s up to you.
3 camera security system that will integrate with your mobile hotspot (this is a fairly complex setup, and instructions will be provided. However, we very rarely use them and find that the presence of cameras has been a good security strategy all on its own).
A comprehensive instruction guide to all of these DIY systems will be provided to the new owner so you can get to adventuring right away!

Overall, this is a fantastic camper with so many perks that we’ve had incredible adventures in over the last four years. As much as I’m excited to be moving on to the next phase of our full-time RV lifestyle, I’ll be incredibly sad to part ways with this beast and hope to sell it to someone who’ll take it on many more adventures!

Email and text preferred. Contact Jess at (716) 880-0458 or [email protected] with any questions or inquiries. More pictures, videos, FaceTime walk-arounds, etc all available. There has been a LOT of interest in this van already – I don’t expect we’ll have it for more than another week.

Far from our location? Ask about delivery! We are currently in Arizona and are headed back to NY in a few days, but may be able to drop the van off to you on our way home!

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