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Menlo Park
, California
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Menlo Park
, California
15,500 Miles
Last Modified September 4, 2021


Whether you are searching for the perfect weekend getaway vehicle, or hoping to hit the road and live life as a digital nomad – this fully-loaded 2021 Winnebago Travato 59GL is the van for you!

This particular unit, who we affectionately dubbed Vinny Van Go, comes fully-loaded with a whole host of add-ons ranging from a Winegard Connect 2.0 (suitable for Zoom calls) to a Bluetooth Control package. **The asking price is *139,000 if you choose to purchase the 5-year extended warranty (passing on at cost).

The Travato 59GL comes equipped with one double bed (46″ x 77″) that can comfortably sleep two, as well as a cross-coach bed system for guests/kids (42″ x 74″). This additional puzzle bed is a vital feature that has unfortunately been omitted from the 2022 Winnebago Travato 59GL and provides a second, much-needed, sleeping area. This second bed has been indispensable, and enabled us to do a handful of overnight trips with friends that would have been impossible without the additional bed. Many boondocking sites do not allow tents and thus sleeping inside the vehicle was a priority for us!

Perhaps the most enchanting feature of the 59GL is the Pure3 Lithium Battery power management system. This battery is virtually silent, in comparison to loud/grating generators, and powers the refrigerator, lights, and AC system. The battery can be fully charged by the Winnebago Auto-start feature or simply by driving for 30-40 mins and holds a charge for ~2/3 days enabling you to stay in one location for a significant period of time without a full hookup. Additionally, the three solar panels fastened to the roof of the vehicle provide supplemental charge throughout the day.

The van also comes equipped with a full-size fridge and freezer combo, a microwave, a propane stove with two burners, and a folding kitchen sink enabling you to cook substantial meals on the road!

We installed a number of aftermarket parts including a Winegard Connect 2.0 (a must-have if you plan on working on the road), a Kuat luggage rack and a surfboard rack. Both the luggage rack and surfboard rack can be removed from the top of the van upon request.

Features on this 2021 Travato 59GL:

Double Bed
Wet Bath
Galley Kitchen
Puzzle Bed
24″ HDTV
Pure3 Energy System
Winegard Connect 2.0 (Wifi/Cell Booster)
Bike Rack
Deluxe Granite
Screen Door
Bluetooth Control PKG
Ultraleather Cab Seats (Cream)
AC Unit

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions!

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