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Capturing captivating and high-quality photos of your vehicle is crucial for a successful listing. Follow these steps to ensure your van stands out and receives the attention it deserves:

Clean and Tidy Your Van:

Present your van in its best condition by thoroughly cleaning and tidying up the interior and exterior. Minimize distractions caused by dirt or clutter to allow potential buyers to focus on the vehicle’s features.

Opt for Landscape Orientation:

Capture all your photos in landscape orientation (horizontally) using a 4:3 ratio. This ensures that your photos won’t be cropped on social media platforms and provides a comprehensive view of every aspect of your van.

Embrace Good Lighting:

Take advantage of good lighting for excellent photo results. If professional lighting equipment is not available, consider shooting just after sunrise or before sunset when natural light is softer. Be mindful of shadows and aim for well-lit images.

Utilize Wide Shots:

For showcasing small spaces effectively, wide shots are ideal. If possible, use a wide-angle lens or the wide-angle setting on your smartphone to capture a broader perspective of the interior.

Highlight Important Features:

Draw attention to the unique aspects of your van. Showcase the features that make it stand out from the rest. If you have a favorite feature, be sure to include it as others may also find it appealing.

Exclude People and Pets:

While your loved ones and furry companions may be dear to you, it’s best to avoid including them in your listing photos. People and pets can divert attention from the van’s details. Save these photos for your personal social media accounts.

Embrace Variety and Honesty:

Include a variety of shots to provide a comprehensive view of your van. Capture the front, sides, any exterior highlights such as a roof rack, solar panels, or a ladder. Take wide shots of the interior from different angles, especially if you have converted a bench into a bed or made other notable changes. Don’t be afraid to photograph any imperfections. Authenticity from the beginning helps build trust with potential buyers.


By following these guidelines, you can create visually appealing and informative photos that enhance your van’s listing, attracting interested buyers and facilitating a successful selling process.



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